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March 29, 2023

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The mission of Sioux Center Christian School is to disciple God’s children by equipping them with a knowledge and understanding of Christ and His creation so that they can obediently serve God and others as they work and play.

Every Student TREASURED, Every Student TRAINED, Every Student TRANSFORMED


Happy Wednesday, Trailblazers!

I hope you all had a great spring break with your families last week. We’re back at it again with the final push to the end of the school year. The learning continues!

It’s time to share two updates: kitchen construction and snow make-up hours.

First, kitchen construction updates. It’s very exciting to think about having a brand-new kitchen for next school year, but it is going to be a bit of a mess to get there – both in terms of physical spaces and schedules. During spring break, the process for getting a brand-new kitchen began. Work is now paused until the last week of the school year, when construction crews will take over much of the north parking lot (I’ll keep you updated regarding access for pick-up and drop-off and what we will need to do differently). During the last week of school, crews will start the remodel process, which means that there will be no lunches served. By allowing this work to happen prior to summer, we increase the probability that the kitchen will be up and running by the time school starts in the fall.

Now to snow make-up hours. I think it’s (mostly) safe to share a (final) plan for make-up hours, right?!? In any case, here’s what’s planned. You will remember from previous communications that SCCS has significant “extra hours” already built into the calendar each year. This has been tremendously helpful during a winter like what we’ve experienced. And, when we have winters where we don’t use our “extra hours”, we don’t end the school year early (this is typically the case). But, this year, we have some time to make up. After considering several factors and consulting several parents, faculty, and staff, we’ve decided that to make up hours needed, we will have a 2:05 dismissal on May 24 (a Wednesday) and a 1:15 dismissal on May 25, with May 25 being our last day of school. The end-of-the-year chapel and graduation will still happen on May 24. Adding to the end of the school year is what we have said we would do all along and is also listed on the school calendar as the plan each year. Feedback from stakeholders largely indicated that this would be the least disruptive plan for our students, teachers, and families (as opposed to extending the school day).

The public school will continue to provide busing for the 2:05 Wednesday dismissals. We appreciate the relationship that we have with them very much. The only time that busing won’t be available will be the 1:15 dismissal on May 25.

Because we need to extend our school year and because the kitchen will be closed as part of the construction process, students will need to bring their own lunch May 22-25 (also, milk will not be available). The last day of school lunch will be May 19. Students will NOT have access to a microwave or refrigerator, so please plan lunches accordingly. I know this causes inconvenience at home, but I am hoping we can all be flexible as we need to make up hours and also get our kitchen started (and look forward to a new space!). Thanks for your help!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m looking forward to a strong finish to the 22-23 school year. Let’s keep going!


Parents, have you heard about the new math curriculum Sioux Center Christian began this year? This instructional slice isn’t your traditional apple pie (reference to previous teaching and learning segments). Our Envision Math uses a conceptual approach that builds a stronger foundation in numbers. Students and teachers utilize a variety of strategies such as open number lines, hundred charts, bar models, using partial sums and quotients, and more. The approach may be new, but we are already noticing deeper applications to solving problems. Think of the former math curriculum as the old fashioned apple pie and our new math curriculum as the deep dish caramel apple pie. The core concepts are the same, but the new variety is deeper and richer.


Bounce Pages(practice page support):

Information and Practice:

Online Math Games:


  • Please check the online calendar for upcoming events (
  • Just a reminder that this is the last week for the morning winter bus routes.
  • The 5th-8th grade choral concert will be on Monday, April 3, 7:00pm, at Centerpointe Church. Students need to be there by 6:50pm to check-in with their teacher. 7th-8th graders will then return to sit with their parents for the first part of the concert, 5th-6th graders will get lined up in the lobby. We are looking forward to sharing the gift of music that God has given us with you all.
  • SCCS will not have school on Friday, April 7, for the Easter break. The School and TRIP Offices will be closed.


Please note that next week Sioux Center Community School will dismiss early (1:05) on Wednesday, April 5 and will not have school on Thursday, April 6 for their Easter Break. Sioux Center Christian will have a regular 2:05 dismissal on Wednesday and a full day of school on Thursday. There will be no public school buses running Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning and afternoon. Only Bus 2014 and 2020 will be running the afternoon route on Wednesday and both the morning and afternoon route on Thursday. If your child rides one of the public school buses, you will need to provide transportation at these times.


The Sioux Center Christian School Board of Trustees will be holding the annual Society Meeting on Thursday, March 30, at 7:00 PM in the SCCS orchestra room. Agenda items include approving the 23-24 budget, affirming trustee nominees, board updates, a financial update, and more. Pre-meeting materials have been distributed to read through before the meeting (please see attached). If you have not received materials, please call the school office at 722-0777 or email We invite all Society members to attend!


Is your child ready to start school this fall? It is TK/Kindergarten Round Up time, and we’d love to share more about how God’s children are Treasured, Trained, and Transformed at Sioux Center Christian School.

Families interested in learning more are encouraged to register for the following events:

  • TK/K Round Up on March 30 or 31

Call our school office (712-722-0777) or visit our website: to register or request more information.

If you know of a family who might be ready to start their journey at SCCS, please share this announcement with them or fill out our “Refer a Family to SCCS” form on our website. We are excited to welcome the next generation of young learners to Live God’s Story at our school!


Grandparent/Special Friend Day will be on Friday, April 14. Invitations were sent home with your child. Please deliver to grandparents: send in the mail, text a picture of the invite, or hand deliver! If grandparents are unable to attend, please encourage sending a note to grandkids to be opened on Grandparents/Special Friends Day.

TRAIL'RAISER TREK 2023 - Saturday, April 15

Make plans to attend our Trail'Raiser Trek fundraising event on Saturday, April 15! It will be a come and go event from 8am - 11:30am.

This is a new type of Trail'Raiser event for us and its purpose is to raise money to build the east half of the gym floor in the future Blazer Center.

How does this event work?

The heart of the event is a 1-mile walk (or trek), but what actually raises money is not the distance, but the NUMBER of WALKERS we have at the event.

We are asking businesses, parents, grandparents and supporters to SPONSOR EVERY SINGLE WALKER with a gift - from $.05 per walker to $10 per walker. So, if 1,000 people come to the event on Saturday, April 15, and you signed up to give 20 cents for every walker, then your sponsorship gift would be $200. If 1,250 people come, then your gift would be $250.

We are asking you to ALSO be a WALKER at the event. It is FREE to be a walker, so bring the whole crew! If we reach our goal of $150 in sponsorships for every walker, and if you come with your family of four, you will unlock $600 in gifts for SCCS!

There's also the option to be a Virtual Trekker if you are unable to be at the event in person but still want to unlock gifts.

Register NOW to be a Sponsor AND a Walker and help provide engaging spaces for God's kids - now and for the future - as they learn and thrive and live God's Story!

Event t-shirts and Truth t-shirts – ORDER by NOON, Monday, April 3 (that is coming fast!)

Frozen Meat Sales – the online form will OPEN on Thursday, March 30 – limited quantities, order by Tuesday, April 12.

Sign up to bring Gourmet Cupcakes, Bars, and Snack Mixes! We sell out every year!

All the event details, registration form and links to everything are here:


This is the time of the year when we begin to create class lists for next year! Here are some frequently asked questions regarding class lists that may help you understand our process:

Q – What are the steps for developing class lists?

A – Your child’s current grade levels teachers complete a rough draft of the class list for next year. We have learned it is important to begin with the professionals who spend the most time with your child at Sioux Center Christian School.

Q – What information do the teachers use to make the class lists?

A – We attempt to balance classes regarding gender, abilities to work independently, academic needs, learning styles, social needs, behavioral concerns, and special needs. Resource teachers also meet with each grade level to provide additional feedback towards placements.

Q – What is the proper way to communicate my requests to the school?

A – If you desire to make a request, please provide your input in writing (email) to Brandon Haan (principal) by April 6.

Q – If I make a request, it is safe to assume the request will happen?

A – We welcome the parent input, but ultimately the final decisions rest with the school.

Q - Can I make a request if it’s just for a teacher or classmate preference?

A – You can, but priority is placed with academic, social, and behavioral needs.

Q – What if I provide my input during the summer or after the class lists are posted in August?

A – This would make it difficult for the school to make adjustments. This request would likely upset the recommended balances, and potentially puts your child in a situation where students ask why they changed classes. There is some fluidity with class lists involving new students that add throughout the summer, so this is why lists are not posted until August 1.

We covet your prayers as we work through this process!


For all current TK-8 students, we will once again be doing continuous enrollment. SCCS assumes continued enrollment for students unless we hear otherwise from parents. There is no process families need to complete each year and no online forms. We do our best to keep things simple for families. If you have an enrollment change, please contact the office by Thursday, April 6, at If you have any updates to your contact information (address, phone, email, church membership, etc.), please make the changes in the parent portal or let the office know (


Do you have a child who will attend preschool next year? 4Care is an opportunity for children who attend half-day preschool to enjoy hands-on, child-led, play-based learning at SCCS on the half-day they are not in preschool.
Students may enroll in a morning or afternoon session, plus we offer a full-day Friday 4Care option.
You may reserve your child’s place in 4Care here:

We have a great relationship with Stepping Stones Preschool! Their online registration is now open. Click here for more info:
Click here for the registration page:


Registration is OPEN for our Tales and Trails Summer Camp 2023! This is an educational and fun summer opportunity for kids who are 5-11 years old by June 1, 2023.

This program is designed to be educational, fun, and infused with our Christian perspective.

Weekly camp themes encourage students to learn about the wonder of God’s creation through a variety of hands-on, fun activities. Outdoor play is also an important part of the camp experience, and kids are encouraged to stay active and engaged during their time at camp.

The registration form is available online or printed copies are by the TRIP window. Registration is now open to the community so let your friends and neighbors know!


Sioux Center Christian School invites you to consider the opportunity to work with a dedicated faculty and staff, passionate parents, and fantastic students through the following positions with a start date of August 1, 2023. The ideal candidate loves God, loves kids, and loves learning. Interested applicants should complete the faculty application package, located at A review of applicants will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled.

  • K-2 Learning Center (Resource) Teacher (Full-time)
  • Third Grade Teacher (Full-time)
  • School Counselor (Full-time)
  • Paraprofessionals (3 Full-time positions) - start day August 2023
  • Cook Positions - (Full-Time and Part-Time)
  • Bus Drivers

SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS: We are in need of substitute teachers for this school year. Subs are needed for teachers and paras at all grade levels, kitchen crew and at times a nurse. Please fill out the form at the link below if you are interested in adding your name to the sub list. SCCS will provide all training, and you even get a free lunch when you sub! Qualifications for being a sub include a love of children, the ability to follow teacher lesson plans, flexibility, and a commitment to Christian education. We invite you to join us!


Storyline chapels are held on the first Wednesday of every month at 1:35pm in the gym. Please remind your child to wear their chapel t-shirt. Parents and guests are WELCOME to attend! You may also join our livestream (and recording) at

Storyline Chapel Playlist:


Outlet 75 sells new clothing, shoes, home décor, kitchenware, bedding and more …and all profits go to Sioux Center Christian School and contribute to the Alternate Revenue discount that was on your tuition statement!

Volunteers make this profit possible, and we continue to encourage parents to fulfill the commitment made to volunteer at least 3-4 shifts per year – please know that working shifts in June-August absolutely count toward your commitment!

Sign up now for the April - June shifts. THANKS so much for your help!




Open hours: Wednesdays 11am-8pm and Thursdays 11am – 3pm. One Saturday each month.

Location: About 1 mile south of Sioux Center on Hwy 75. Look for the red flag.

If you have any questions about helping at Outlet 75, please feel free to email


  • Thanks to everyone who signed up to help with dishwashing this year! If you would like to help out you can sign up here. If you have questions, contact Ashley Keith (
  • You can find the lunch and dishwashing schedule here.
  • If you would like to eat lunch with your child, please contact school 24 hours in advance.


Staff Member of the Month: We believe all our faculty and staff are amazing and encourage you to take the time to nominate one (or more) of your children’s teachers!

Complete the nomination form (; printed copies are available by the TRIP window) and return to our school office or mail to/drop off at Pella Corp. by the 25th of each month during the school year.

Each month a winner is chosen from our local schools and receives a $500 gift card from Sioux Center Pella Corp, which can be used in their classroom to impact learning! Pella kindly keeps nominations “in play” for 3 months to provide multiple opportunities for an outstanding staff member to be recognized. Feel free to re‐nominate someone if you feel they are deserving, and they didn’t win the award during the 3 months that the nomination was in play.

Mrs. Abigail (Clemens) Van Beek won the November award and it would be great if a few more of our teachers were nominated this year!

We are extremely grateful to Pella Corp for this program that serves to encourage and bless our faculty and staff!


Save your back and ORDER Softener Salt that will be DELIVERED to your home, where you want it! High quality 40lb crystal bags from Water Werks for $8.50 per bag.

No minimum order for Sioux Center in-town delivery and a 20-bag minimum for delivery up to 20 miles from Sioux Center. Delivery date is Saturday, April 22.

Click here for a printable form:

Forms are also available by the SCCS TRIP window.

Taking orders through today (Wednesday, March 29), so place your order soon!

All proceeds support the Christian education Legacy funds of Bridge of Hope Ministries and Covenant CRC!


The Office Handouts is the place to check regularly for camp information, registration forms, and more!

Currently there is information for:

  • Sioux County Conservation Summer Camps and Programs
  • 2023 Unity Christian Sports Camps
  • Dordt Women's Basketball Camp for Grades 4-8
  • Dordt Women's Basketball Youth Camps for Grades 4-9
  • Unity Christian Cheer Team Tryout Information for 8th Graders
  • Dordt Sports Camp Information
  • Sioux Center Recreation Spring Soccer
  • Dordt University Fitness Week
  • Inspiration Hills Summer Camp Brochure
  • 2023 Drivers Education Options