Costume Scene Investigation

19th Century

Mens Garments

Many men would wear shirts with a ruffled collar and have it buttoned up all the way. The shirt is made of silkand sometimes there are cotton shirts. The men would also wear pants with laggings. The leggings were made of cotton or silk. The pants were made of cotton.The pants were black, brown, or plaid.

Womens Garments

The women would wear long elegant dresses with tight waistbands. The dresses were made of silk,cotton,and wool.The collars were sometimes made of strips of fabric called a neckerchief. Some of the dresses were tight but most of them were long puffy dresses. Most of the dresses were long sleeves but some were short sleeves.

Men Headwear

The men would wear top hats.The top hats. The top hat was made from silk. some top hats are made from cotton, too. Like the picture below, the hats usualy had a ribbon around the base. The ribbon was black. The men would wear the hats all the time unless they have to take it off.

Women Headwear

The women would wear bonnetts. The bonnetts were made of silk and sometimes cotton. The women would also wear feathered hats. The hats were big and had lots of feathers. Look at the picture of the bonnett. Most of the bonnetts were made with ruffles like that. Look at the feathered hats. The feathered hats were always big hats with lots of feathers. Some of the feathered hats had tulle and some had flowers. Some of the hats had both, but they all had feathers or the wouldn't be called feathered hats.

Men Footwear

The men in the nine-teenth century would wear dress shoes. The dress shoes were usually black or brown. The men would wear them all the time. Back then the men would get their shoes polished, but now they don't. Mabye about one out of one-hundered people get their shoes polished but thats still a lot because there are thousands of people in the united states. The men in the nine-teenth century got their shoes polished if they were dirty or scuffed. The shoesw would be polished until they shined.

Women Footwear

The women would wear flats. The flats came in many different colors. Some of the shoes came in the color brown like the shoes in the picture below. Other shoes came in black. The women would also wear high heels. The high heels also came in many different colors.

Women Accessories

The women in the nine-teenth century would have as accessories a hand bag, purse, necklace, or a pocket watch. In the pictures below you see a coin bag, a necklace, and two pocket watches. The coin bag is brown with a gold colored lace around the top of it. The necklace is a pure white color. Finaly the pocket watch these pocket watches are blue and have jewels implanted on the cover.The rim of the pocket watch is the color gold.

Men Accessories

The men in the nine-teenth century would carry a cane or walking stick and a pocket watch. The men's pocket watch is designed all around the edge. The color of it is gold just like the picture below. The canes are black, gold, or brown. The walking sticks color is brown or black.