By: Ashley Terrien


Having debt is a bad thing but when you have the US on our side it's not that bad. When Sam Houston was president he was able to get Texas's debt down to $600,000 instead of it being $1 million. The way our debt went down was Sam decided not to use so much money on things not needed and also annexing with the US.

Why the US didn't want Texas to be part of the US

Texas was trying to become part of the US so they wouldn't have to deal with Mexico, didn't have to deal with debt, and other things to. When Texas was wanting to become part of the US they didn't really want them to because they were trying to abolish slavery and they didn't want another slave state.

James K. Polk

In 1844 James K. Polk was elected president of Texas. Like Sam Houston Polk also favored annexation so that meant Americans also favored annexation of Texas.

Treaty of April 1844

Having the Treaty of April 1844 meant that would make Texas a territory of the US. The Texans had grudgingly accepted but the US Senate rejected it.

Joint Resolution

The Joint Resolution was a formal ruling passed by both houses in the US congress that only takes a simple majority. it was much easier to pass. The US voted to annex Texas on Feb. 26, 1845.