LV Technology

By: Max Quatsoe

Typing Web

  • We type for five minutes at the beginning of every class period.
  • You have to finish a course each quarter.
  • My words per minute have increased.


  • We all had to make an ITrailer about an event in our life.
  • My ITrailer was about Basketball.
  • I had to take a lot of pictures at my house.

Haiku Deck

  • You have to make a Haiku Deck about the job you want to be when you grow.
  • We have to make ten slides.
  • When you are done you will have to share it with the class.

Explain Everything

  • We have to explain one math problem.
  • You have to show how to solve it.
  • Then, you explain the problem using your own words.

Career Locker

  • There is a five day unit on choosing your career and learning about it.
  • Mrs. VandenBoogaard teaches the unit.
  • It has tests that tell you what jobs are a good fit.


  • You have to get through unit six and seven to get a three.
  • Coding helps show you about how to do stuff using codes.
  • There is multiple courses that you have to do.