Ukraine Crisis

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How did the Unrest in Ukraine Begin?

There were three primary factors facilitating the initiation of the hostility and animosity experienced within the country of Ukraine. The failure of President Viktor F. Yanukovych to integrate the country with the European Union resulted in corruption and revolt, as President Yanukovych refused to sign the sweeping political trade agreement that would finalize and substantiate the consolidation of the two regions, an act that he ensured Ukrainian citizens he would execute. The secondary factor contributing to the hostility experienced within Ukraine is the remaining Cold War-era confrontation occurring between Russia and the west for influence and authority over countries located in Eastern Europe that continued to suffer the political and economic oppression and discrepancies that originated throughout the Soviet era. The third contributing factor can be described by the immense indignation and outrage displayed by Ukrainian citizens regarding the government's brutal, barbarous, and malicious response to the street protestors that followed the President's reversal in his opinion regarding the affairs and affiliations obtained between Ukraine and the European Union.
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Who is President Yanukovych, and why has he fled?

President Yanukovych was the former President of Ukraine who served a term spanning from February of 2010 to February of 2014. President Viktor F. Yanukovych elected to flee the country of Ukraine after he signed an accord affiliated with the Ukrainian opposition.

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Who are the protesters?

The protestors constitute Ukrainian citizens who are opposed to the governmental system that has been established and implemented by President Yanukovych. These individuals have elected to behave in a manner that will display and depict their indignation and detestation for the government as dictated by President Viktor F. Yanukovych's.

Why did the unrest escalate in the past two weeks?

On the evening of February 20, extensive carnage was experienced within the nation's capital of Kiev, as police snipers shot at demonstrates within the periphery of the government district. A witness reported that seventeen individuals were maliciously massacred by governmental snipers, enraging citizens and residents of Ukraine, justifying the significant augmentation in hostility and animosity within the region.
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What role do Russia and the West play in the Ukrainian crisis?

The Western powers and country of Russia obtain and possess a significant niche within the Ukrainian crisis, as protestors discouraged and did not advocate the government's election to suspend and seize the pre-established plans to forge closer trade ties and connections with the European Union, initiating a global standoff between Russia and the Western powers and authorities. This deadlock has imposed immense political and economic controversy and oppression into the country of Ukraine, justifying the extensive violence that is currently afflicting the region.

How do you think this conflict will end?

It is in my opinion that this conflict and turmoil will not end in peace, but rather in justice, delivered by the impartial guidance and directives provided by a newly implemented variation of governance controlled and dictated by a newly implemented governmental authority.