superb sulfur!

by jack quattrucci

my baby

-my baby has 4 friends, or isotopes,
- resides in period 3, group 16

does sulfer really smell like rotton eggs?

in fact, sulfur does not really smell like rotten eggs! contrary to common belief, sulfur does not smell like much at is really Hydrogen Sulfide that smells like rotten eggs. plain sulfur at room temperature smells like matches.

im inviting you!

im inviting you too meet my baby, and youl love him!
hes popular at many things, such as birthday partys,wich he lights his own candles!
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characteristics of sulfur

melting point=112.8
boiling point=444.6
temperature measured in Celsius
chemical symbol= S
atomic mass=32.065
cost=$24.00 for 100 grams
chemical state= solid
atomic number=16
not radioactive
reactivity= none at room temperature

the family of sulfur

oxygen is one of sulfurs brothers, and they are very cooperative together.
more children element of the oxygen family is selenium,polonium,tellurium
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