CHPS Leadership Body

Vote for Landa and Katherine now !!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


If I was a leader for Canley Heights Public School I would help the school by entertaining

little kids by dancing and singing for them, help the ones who fall over or just to meet new people and help them make new friends. And to put a smile back on their faces.Also I would fundraiser for kids out there with no education or no parents. So vote NO.1 for Landa today!!!:)

Vote N0.1 For Katherine now!!!!!!! :)

If I was a leader for C.h.P.S I would: those who need it most

2.I would protect the school in every possible way

3.I would entertain little kids aswell as put a smile on their faces.


We need school hats because it represents our school and our school colour.Also wearing a school hat means that we love our school and we are respectful.And we will be safe.


At Canley Heights Public School we have breaks like recess which is 20 minutes, lunch which is 1 hour and fruit break which is about 10 minutes, we think that recess should be longer because you can not eat drink and go to the toilet in just 20 minutes.
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At canley heights public school we have subjects such as maths, sport,art,music,RFF,computers,english and many more. Theese subjects are important because later on in your life if you pay attension to the school subjects you would be smart but if you dont learn anything you will be dumb and get ripped off with your shopping or anything that you never payed attension too.

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In school some people need emergency needs such as the fire extingusher,puffer for asthmatics, injuries in playground,ambulances for emergencies like a broken leg.


There are plenty of reasons why we can't have pets at school because you cant't look after your pets and learn new things at the same time.Also we can't have pets because they poop every where and they might poo in the classroom.
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Like all schools we have a strict policy that there is no bullying allowed because the kids might learn that because the older kids do it than they can too, but they can't.also many kids come to learn not be bullied or have a harsh time.How would you like to be bullied??


We always go on the coolest excursions ever!!!!!! Many kids parents cant afford to pay the money for them but the office can help you out.


1. I am respectful.

2. I am responsible.

3. I am safe.

4. I am prepared.