BetterU Challenge

A 12-Week Program to Improve Your Overall Health

Week 2 - Reduce Your Risk Factors


BetterU is free makeover that has the potential to save lives. The American Heart Association wants to help us acquire the skills and information we need to lead our lives in ways that take better care of our hearts.

In Week 1, we learned that to be successful in Getting on Track we needed to

  • set SMART goals
  • keep track of physical activity and time on a log
  • keep track of meals and snacks on a log

In Week 2, we find out that knowing our risk factors is an important step in shaping our heart health.

Risk factors that we can change by changing our lifestyle are

  • high blood pressure, smoking, high cholesterol, physical inactivity, obesity or being overweight, and diabetes

We are reminded that even though we are all swamped with responsibilities, we can improve our health by making small steps that can make a difference. To get started we can

  • add activity
  • eat healthier

This week's lesson provides ideas that can make a difference
  • making time for brisk walking
  • adding healthy ingredients to favorite recipes
  • removing or cutting down on less healthy ingredients
  • choosing healthy options

The AHA has more healthy eating tips and tricks at