So you want to be a Veterinarian?

By: Maddison Warner 5/6th

Who we are!

Veterinarians deal with many different types of animals ranging from small to large. Being a veterinarian you can specialize in a perticular field such as large animal, small animal, farm animals, equine, or even exotic animals. Veterinarian have to know how to care or come up with a plan for anything that comes to them.. There are many new advancement due to technology advancing. There are new and less invasive surgeries; and easier, quicker ways to correctly diagnose patients.

To become a linsensed veterinarian you must attend four years of college and pass the North American Licensing Examination. The first three years is classwork, working in a lab, and clinical components. The last year is spent doing clinical rounds and seeing patients. You have to be compassionate, dedicated, a problem solver, and able to work and talk with others.

Why these qualities?

Being able to work with others, communicate to others, and compassionate are so important for the reason being that giving a diagnosis can change a persons life. Problems solving helps when comming up with a course of action for a pets life.

Other jobs that involve being around animals!

If you didn't want to perform surgeries or make diagnosis; there are plenty of other options available. Some jobs include be a receptionist, veterinarian technician, assistant, or biologist. These people would see animals on a daily basis. They just wouldn't have to make the life or death or course of treatment decision.

What we have to know to be a veterinarian!

They veterinary school they have to learn how to dress wounds, dianogse patients, and inform owner of pet's condition. Veterinarians also know how to read and take x-rays and prescribe the right dose of medication. Some people go back to school to learn and specialize in surgery.


Most advarage veterinarians get paid around $87,000 a year. The highest ten percent can get paid over $157,000 a year. Working as a large animal veterinarian there are more opportunities because more people want to work with smaller house pets. Therefore the small animal practice is a more saturated field due to preference of animals.

A normal day!

There really isn't a normal day. You don't know what you are going to have come in that day. Depeneding where you work depends on your hours or if you own the clinic.