Road Trip in the USA


How will we get to the USA? By airplane!

We are going to airport. And we will buy the plane tiket!

We like easy and fast. We think airplane is very suitable.

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WOW!! We ride a airplane!!

곤두박칠 치는 에어버스 'A380' 포착

What will we drive on our road trip?

We go to take a Car. We think car is fast and wonderful transportation.

And we think kind of car is AUDI.

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아우디 AUDI A8 L

What music will we listen to on our road trip?

We take a first song is 'Maroon 5 -Nothing lasts forever'

Our favorite lyric is:

"Nothing lasts forever but be honest babe It hurts but it may be the only way "

Maroon 5 Nothing Lasts Forever live

Our second song is "Sting - English man in New York"

Our favorite lyric is : "Be yourself no matter what they say"

Sting: Englishman in New York. Live in Berlin 2010 (3/15)

Who are we?