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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Mrs. Hladun's Tidings

Our first week of our changed instruction model went smoothly, if you remove the issues with technology. Our in person learners settled back into the in-school routines easier than I anticipated and it was wonderful to hear learning, laughter, music and joy filtering out of our classrooms and into our open space. Our at home learners discovered how interCONNECT is similar and dissimiliar from 100% online instruction, and found new ways to connect with their teacher and peers. If you are a family returning to LCES, you are probably (like I am) thrilled with the ease of drop off and pick up. We have had all students off campus within 10 minutes of the day ending on Thursday and Friday. Returning LCES and former LCES families will tell you that pick up and drop off used to be the most dreaded times of day...but it's been lovely with half as many students!

I am so proud of our teachers, students, parents, and staff for their efforts to manage this transition. Even in moments of significant challenge, everyone continued to look for solutions, to demonstrate patience and grace, and to try to keep a sense of humor about it all.

As you've likely read in Mr. Leaman's updates, the district is well aware of the challenges with technology and they are working hard to bring our systems in line with the demands we are facing. I don't know if everyone knows this, but we actually get our internet from PCOE through a secure network, but that means that there are many layers to our internet - our site use, our district use, and the entirety of Placer County school's use. Often the problems we face aren't district issues, but instead are rooted in PCOE's infrastructure or even in the infrastructures of the programs we use (Google, Flip Grid, Safe YouTube, etc...). Our district is doing it's part to boost our ability to access the internet as we need to. We are also excited to be introducing some new technology into our classrooms starting next week that should make sharing documents with our interCONNECT learners more smooth!

This Week's Most Important Thing - Food Service Options

Our district is pleased to provide free breakfast and lunch for all students in WPUSD. This service is available through December.

interCONNECT learners:

  • meals are picked up on Wednesdays between 1-2pm at GEMS (204 L Street)
  • to sign up, fill out this form here

in person learners:

  • meals are picked up from your classroom on Tuesdays and Fridays at dismissal
  • they used paper bags this past week, but we are expecting sturdier bags soon!
  • to sign up, fill out this form here

Mindfulness Corner -

If you are looking for ways to relax before school, during a break, or after school, check out our virtual calming corner and other mindfulness resources plus helpful tips for parents to support their child's anxiety - click here!

Sami's Circuit Family Night this Week!

Sami is hosting a virtual family night on Wedensday, 10/14 from 6-7 pm. Sign up to participate and to get entered into the raffle:

We hope your students have been enjoying Sami's workouts online weekly. Big thanks to our PTC for making Sami an ongoing presence at our school!

Non-School Days & District Calendar Links


  • CANCELLED - Mon., 11/2: Staff Work Day / WE WILL HAVE SCHOOL on 11/2
  • Wed., 11/11: Veteran's Day / no school
  • Mon., 11/16-Fri., 11/20: Conference Week (watch for details in late October!)
  • Mon., 11/23-Fri., 11/27: Thanksgiving Break / no school
  • Mon., 12/21-Mon., 1/4: Winter Break / no school
  • Mon., 1/18: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day / no school
  • Fri., 2/12-Mon., 2/15: Mini February Break / no school
  • Fri., 3/26: Public Safety (PS) Day*
  • Mon., 3/29-Fri., 4/2: Spring Break / no school
  • Mon., 4/5: Public Safety (PS) Day*
  • Mon., 5/31: Memorial Day / no school
  • Fri., 6/11: Last Day of School

*Fri., 3/26 and Mon., 4/5 are Public Safety (PS) Days - PS days are non student and non teacher word days unless they are needed as make-up days for prior Public Safety closures (smoke, power outages, etc...)


You can find the district calendars for 2020-21 and 2021-22 here.

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