Cyber Bullying


What is Cyber Bullying/Anonymity

Cyber bullying is when you are bullied or are bullying through an electronic device. Anonymity is when someone makes threatening comments to you, but is able to hide who they are behind there screen.

Anonymity Bullying

Tips for when cyberbullied

1. If you receive a mean message you should save them then show an adult

2. When you receive a mean message step away from the device and relax so you don’t send something you don’t mean

3. Do not respond back with a mean message it will just go back and forth

4. If someone messaging you with mean messages and you don’t know who they are respond politely back by asking who it is and to please stop

5. Tell a trusted adult (parents, teacher, neighbor, grandparents, councilors, etc.

6. Block the bully on your device

For more information on Anonymity go to the web address below.