Top 10 Video Games of 2015

By Kamden Dodson

Number 10 Battlfield Hardline

Battlfield is a first person shooter game so now it's easier to 360 no scope some people ANYWAYS the creators of the game are EA and DICE. The game was realeased March 20th 2015 it can be played on Xbox 1, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Playstation 3 and Microsoft Windows. Battlefield Hardline mainly focuses on crime, hiest and police elements instead of military warfare MERICA. There are different modes in the game like campain and multiplayer were you could get completely demolished by the people who play this game 24/7/365, or you can completely dominate the starters it's kinda fun to beat up starters. But there are specialists so you can get blown away with gunshots or get spawn killed by the people who don't care about anyone else. Ok so the specialist names are perfetional, operator, mechanic and the enforcers. And there are some vehicles like attack helicopters, muscle cars, dirt bikes to do some epic flips and there are teams like the F.B.I, S.W.A.T, bangers, and theives.
BattleField Hardline - Hotwire on Downtown - XboxOne(No Commentary)

Number 9 Call of Duty Black Ops 3 (COD BO3

Call of Duty is a first person shooter game and guess what ZOMBIES ARE BACK yes Call of Duty Black Ops 3 has zombies. And call of duty black ops has different modes campain, zombies and multiplayer. And in campain you have a partner named Hendricks were he only says 3 phrases what is the frozen forest and the next 2 are not inaproprate for school and he is just plain stupid also he finds a candy bar and says it taste like heaven he takes two tiny bites and just throws it away like dude really. But anyways in multiplayer there are 8 specialists that make you like destroy the other players when they get there special weapon there is the Ruin, Outrider, Battery, Prophet, Nomad, Seraph, Reaper, Spectre and the Firebreak. And there special weapons are for the Ruin he has Ground Spikes the Outrider has a bow named the Sparrow the Battery has a War Machine and it's pretty much a gernade launcher the Prophet has a Tempest which shoots like a spread electricity my perspective I can't shoot anything with that thing the Nomad has a H.I.V.E and those are pretty much land mines made of bee hive type of things the Seraph and it has a Annialater when you shoot it it's a 1 shot 1 kill the Reaper my personal favorite his weapon is the Sythe it's a minigun that when you get it you might have a chance to kill like 5 people if your lucky the Spetre has a blade and it slits throats and the cool down is shorter but the time using it is shorter also and finally the Firebreak has a purifier and it's a spread attack and if you find a group of 8 or something you could kill them all its crazy powerful. There are different teams there are the CDP and the Black Ops and you can set the bots to 4 different levels there are recruits, regular, hardened and the veterans.
Black ops 3 gameplay ( no commentary )

Number 8 Rise of The Tomb Raider

Well I couldn't find anything on this game so I have a small amount of research anyways this game is a action adventure game developed by Crystal Dynamics this game is a sequel to the 2013 Tomb Raider the game was released for Xbox 360, Xbox 1, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows. This game delivers a cinematic survival you can face hostile animals so that means you can be mauled by a pack of wolves and the games storyline follows Lara Croft as she ventures into Siberia. In search of the legendary kitezh no clue how to say this out loud.

Number 7 Mortal Kombat X (my favorite)

To start of this game has a lot of blood and gore believe me you'll be surprised like there is a fatality that he freezes his chest and breaks it down to the spine then he breaks the spine picks them up splits them in half. I can handle it but not very many people can but anyways the thing I'm here for the research. There are very many characters there is Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Kenshi, Lui Kang, Kung Lao, D'Vora, Cassie Cage, Sonya Blade, Johney Cage, Jax Briggs, Tekeda, Jaqui Briggs, Kung Jin, Raiden, Kitana, Milena, Reptile, Kano, Erron Black, Ermac don't make fun of his name because he will devour your soul Ferra-Torr and finally Quan Chi I hate him so much because he killed Scorpions family and he blamed it on Sub-Zero so Scorpion killed Sub-Zeros brother and if you didn't know Sub-Zero is my favorite character. But every character has 2 fatalities and they have 5 brutalities and there is test your luck that's when you have power ups or they can be bad like really acid rain and demon grab like really. But yea there is also test your might were you spam your buttons to try and break things again a flaming skull HOW BRUTAL IS THIS GAME. And there is dlc (downloadable content) there are kombat packs were you get a map and 4 extra characters there are 2 I will name off all of those characters 1st kombat pack Jason Voorhees, Tremor, Tanya and Preditor. And the second Bo Rai Cho, Alien, Leatherface and Triborg and as you can tell I play this game a ton and there is some free content also like skins and fatalities.

Number 6 Halo Guardians

Halo Guardians is a first person shooter developed by 343 your probably thinking the same thing why would you name you company that. this game is for only Xbox 1 what 343 to lazy to make them for PlayStation 4. The game was released worldwide on October 27 2015 Halo Guardians plot follows 2 fire teams of supersoldiers in this game they formulate concepts for and objectives for Halo Guardians. 343 team set out goals for the game including larger campaign and multiplayer according to Microsoft Halo Guardians and game-related hardware grossed over $400 million dollars in the first day and $500 million for the first week the game received positive reviews from the critics.

Number 5 half ways there people Fallout 4

This game was released worldwide on November 10 2015 made for PlayStation 4, Xbox 1 and Microsoft Windows this game was made by Bethesda game studios again with the company names. This game is a post apocalyptic game in Boston in the year 2287, 210 years after the devastating nuclear because I guess everyone like to drop some bombs if you know what I mean (farts) you can level up your character and you can have a companion or what I call fury friend. Were he is not afraid of anything and he he can never die but although he can be a total peebrain he likes to stand in front of doors while your getting chased by a player and if that ever happens just remember to kick the thing (but you cant accutly do that). And friendship is not a thing in a post apocalyptic game they can be your bodyguard and take a bomb for a you and CAPS, caps are what you use for money players also have the ability to destroy buildings with a "Wrecking ball" ok let's not sing that. And they can build buildings and items to build a settlement when you build it you might find you furry friend be stuck in the door.
FALLOUT 4 New Gameplay ( No Commentary )

Number 4 Bloodborne

Bloodborne is only made for PlayStation 4 the creators of this game are Sony so they own PlayStation so that's why it's only for PlayStation this game was released worldwide on March 27 2015. The character lives in a gothic city named Yharnam ok I'm done with these weird names well I don't know what is more bloody/gory Mortal Kombat or this yea this game has a lot of blood and gor that's probably why he lives in a gothic city. In the city of Yharnam there is a abnormal blood-borne disease and there is a mysterious awakening in Yharnam during the night of "the hunt" the hunter seeks out something called the Paleblood for reasons unknown. The game is played at a third person perspective you can battle beastly enemies they are like mutated creatures including bosses there are types of weapons like firearms and swords. And in this game your character likes to overkill the enemy's like sometimes he will stab the enemy's a million times (sarcasm). It's awesome blood sprays everywhere and if your like me I like the gory kind of games like I've never played this but I want to.

Number 3 Metal Gear Solid the Phantom Pain

Well in the first 20 minutes you get out of the hospital and you lost like aton of limbs in the military and everything is made of metal probably why they called it METAL gear solid. But anyways you forget how to walk so your friend is helping you break out of the hospital because there is a flaming person hint hint fireboy. So your friend is watching out for the fire guy while your just crawling on the floor with robotic limbs but once you get out of the hospital the fire guy finds you and your trying to shoot him. Then move get out the way get out the way a truck comes out of nowhere and what we think killed him but NOPE later on he's riding a flaming Pegasus and has flaming wings then again out of nowhere some kind of explosive kills him for good. Then you get this pet husky that is impossible to kill you can run over him and gets right back up and you kill these enemies and they sometimes have the weirdest names like one can be sleepy hippo like really BEST NAME EVER. There is also this item thats called Fulton Recovery Device when you attach it to some sort of animal or human it makes like a floating thing then it take it back to you mother base you can take ANYTHING like you can take a bear. But I don't suggest it because you could get mauled like crazy everytime you hit him he acts like he gets hit then he comes charging at you and every hit does like 1/4 of you health. And the mother base is pretty much were your base is its out in the ocean and you soldiers always respect you like you hit them then they stand back up then they call you "master" but the mothership holds planes cars and more.

Batman Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight is a action-adventure this video game is based on DC Batman this game is developed by Rocksteady Studios same people who made Grand Theft Auto. I wonder if this game is like it running on the streets killing people and stealing there money but not even close this. Games storyline follows Batman as he confronts Scarecrow who has launch ambush on Gotham City causing city wide evacuation. Scarecrow has additional help from the mysterious Arkham Knight hint just a metal batman but the Arkham Knight gathers all of batmans foes for a group hug no just kidding he gathers all of batmans foes to finally destroy batman. And in this game they have new skins even from the first batman they also have skins for batman's allies. They also made custom racetracks for the mobile vehicles so you can get in your moms car and go vroom vroom.

Finally Number 1 Star Wars Battlefront

This game is made by EA and DICE this game is made for Xbox 1 and the PlayStation 4 they have reasons it's only made for the dated systems because the graphics are breath taking they are incredible. This game is made for the original trilogy the first movies the game has heroes for each side for the rebellion its Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia and the empire Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine and Boba Fett they call Boba Fett the best bounty hunter but I call him the worst because he died from a blind man long story. But there is training in Battlefront. There are different maps there is Hoth, Sullust, Endor and Tatooine there is also multiplayer were you have to buy guns and if you play way to much like my brother you should get the ee-3 for long ranged and a dl-44 for close range. And you can get different skins for each team and there are missions like beggars canyon were you play as a X-wing and destroy empire shuttles overpowered were you play as a at-st to protect the at-at walkers and there is the dark side were you can play as Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine to destroy the rebel army there is Endor chase the most hardest you have to go on a speeder bike and everytime you ripen into a tree it kills you and the rebel speeders go really fast and you have a speed limit and you have to be like sonic to catch up with them and one more invasion were you play as a snow speeder and destroy at-at walkers and at-st's. And there may be some dlc like Yoda and Chewie but that's all I know and for the new movie there is the battle of Jakku if you havent seen the new starwars movie you wouldnt know what Jakku is.
Star Wars Battlefront 3 (No Commentary Gameplay)