The Penderwicks

By Veda Reimer

Exiting event

The Penderwicks are a family that are going on vacation to a cottage in Arundel. There are six siblings in there family. Mr.Penderwick, Skye, Jane, Rosalind, Batty and of corse their dog Hound. Their mom died a long time ago but I don't know how. On the drive to the cottage Hound ate the map so they didn't know how to get to the cottage. While they where looking for the cottage Rosalind found a tomatoe store. They all went in side of the shop. There was one worker his name is Harry. He gave them directions to the Arundel cottage. He new were it was because he knows a lady that lives there. Her name is Mrs.Tifton he said. After the Penderwicks got there directions they were on the road again. When they got to the cottage they got out of the car. When they got inside the cottage they decided what room they got by putting there names on a piece of paper and put a dog biscuit on it. Witch ever one Hound ate first had the first pick, second second pick, third third pick and fourth fourth pick. They all ended up liking their rooms. The next morning Skye found a tunnel outside that led to the next door nabbers garden. She met Cagney their. He helps Mrs.Tifton with her garden.Skye and Cagney talked for a little bit until they herd a loud voice. It was Mrs.Tifton saying cut that rose bush. Cagney said he couldn't because it was his great uncles. So He was going to bring it to the Penderwicks cottage to take care of it. On the way back to the cottage Skye ran smack into Jeffrey. Jeffrey is Mrs.Tiftons son but Skye doesn't know that. Jeffrey was unconscious for awhile. Next they herd a yelling voice. Skye said that's Mrs.Tifton she's mean and snooty. That made Jeffrey feel bad because Mrs.Tifton is his mom. Well that was one exiting part of the story but there's much more. Read to find out.

The setting

The setting is mainly in the Penderwicks house witch is in,Rosalind's room,Skye's room,Janes room and Battys room. It also is in the Tiftons house in Jeffrey and Cagneys room. The last setting is out side.

Would you recommend the book The Penderwicks

I would recommend this book because it has really awesome adventures like Batty getting chased by a bowl! This book has lots of humor like when Jane was wearing Mrs.Tiftons shoes and Hound threw up on them. SO PLEASE READ THIS BOOK IT IS THE BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!