Hope Bucklew

The Story Behind My Name!

My favorite quote

"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."

- Babe Ruth

My favorite song, movie, book, food, and color

My favorite song would have to be "Hold Me" by Janine and the Mix-tape and if you're a movie person like me you'd understand how complicated it is o choose a favorite, but if i had too I would choose "The longest ride". For someone who doesn't read often, I surprisingly do have a favorite book! It's called, "The invention of Hugo Cabret" by Brian Selznick. I personally don't have a favorite food, because they're all so good and it's just hard to choose. My favorite color is baby blue and hot pink.

My hobbies just include hanging out with friends and family doing crazy and fun things!

Softball is my life!<3

All about ME!

I would describe myself as very athletic, outgoing, loud, and energetic! I can be very shy and quiet if i feel uncomfortable though. I enjoy doing things with my friend Mackenzie, because she makes me forget about everything that is on my mind and i can just have fun! I really enjoy doing things with my family, because it's always so fun, even though we usually fight when we do something as a family.

Favorite Childhood Memory!

I don't have a favorite childhood memory, because they were all really fun and memorable! We have gone to so many different places and done all kinds of different it's very hard to choose a favorite.

Janine and the Mixtape

Janine and the Mixtape - Hold Me [Original Track] by Janine and the Mixtape