One For The Murphys

Written By: Lynda Mullaly Hunt

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345 Hudson Street, New York 10014

ISBN 978-0-545-52835-1

Copyright 2012 Lynda Mullaly Hunt

Printed in the U.S

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One For The Murphy's is about a girl named Carley, and she gets abused by her parents. In the story she thinks her mom loves her. Though, does her mom really? She know's what her mother did was wrong. Knowing that her mother did that to her. She wonders how her mother ends up in the hospital. While she wonders, she is taken in by a foster family who loves and cares for her.

She doesn't like Mrs. Murphy, she doesn't liker her boys. and she doesn't like her husband. All she cares about is her mom. If shes gonna wake up, or if shes gonna remember her. She debates herself, whether she actually love's Mrs. Murphy or her mom. Is she gonna stay with Mrs. Murphy or leave back with her mom?

Additional Work

A way your students can understand the book more is if you make them Compare and Contrast the story. On a piece of paper, make them Compare the Murphy's to Carley, and on another sheet of paper, make them contrast how the Murphy's are different from Carley. This way the reader will understand that Carely did feel like she was apart of the Murphy's, but at the same time she felt as if she didn't belong there.