Welcome to the IHS Media Center!


Vision Statement

The goals of the Indian Hill School media center are to support the school's curriculum, to create an exciting environment that encourages children to become lifelong learners, and to assist the members of the school community in becoming effective users of information.

Class Schedule:

Each Literacy teacher will bring their homeroom students down to the media center (every Mon.-Wed.) every other week for a full lesson and book exchange. The lesson can support the Literacy curriculum or any other curriculum (science, social studies, etc.) that the teachers see fit for that week.

The remainder of the schedule (every Thurs. & Fri.) will be open for *sign-ups or open media center time to any classroom teacher. This will allow teachers to work with students on small and large assignments that may require books from the collection or the integration of technology (websites, databases, etc.).

*If you are interested in bringing your classes to the media center on a Thurs. or Fri., please send me an email or stop by the media center, so we can schedule a time. Below are some sample lesson plan ideas for any subject or grade level. We can also develop a lesson plan that is specific to your subject area. The possibilities are endless!

Sample Lesson Plan Ideas


Any subject or grade level could focus on exploring, finding, and evaluating information. Here are a few examples. Explore: Research Process, Subject Encyclopedias, Books and e-Books, Magazines, Primary/Secondary Sources. Find: Web Search Tools, Wikipedia, Search Strategies, Google Search Tips (Boolean Operators). Evaluate: Books and Articles, Web Sites, Plagiarism (Overview/Acknowledging/Citing/Practice).

Subject Areas:

Art- Explore the media center’s nonfiction collection and use museum websites to take virtual tours of artists and artwork.

ESL- Leveled reading (Fiction & Informational) using graphic organizers, with opportunities for small group instruction and one-on-one conferencing.

PE/Health- Evaluating health topic websites for authority, bias, currency, and dependability.

Language Arts Literacy- How to read a book review in order to find a “just right” book using the EBSCO database Novelist K-8.

Math- Explore Math through Google Classroom. (collaboration w/ Technology Coach)

Music- Demonstrate tech tools used to record instrumental or vocal music. Create audio products that apply to authentic, real-world context.

Science- Digital note taking and how to create a works cited page.

Social Studies- Bookmarked websites and databases to search for current event articles and the use of primary and secondary source documents (online and print).

Spanish- Digital presentation alternatives to Google Slides.

Book Exchange Schedule:

Monday thru Friday: 9:05-3:23

All students will need a library pass if they want to check out books throughout the day. Please remind them an adult has to be present when they visit. If the lights are turned off, the media center is closed. Thanks.