February 13th: School News

This Friday, 2/16, is a 1/2 Day due to Vail Pride Day set-up.

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Lunch helper needed this Thursday! Please let us know if you can help.

February Lunch Volunteers:

We are really struggling to get enough volunteers in the kitchen to allow chef Lita to make the yummy and nutritious homemade lunches that we would like for our kids. She cannot do it alone. If you, or anyone you know, can come in and help, we would truly appreciate it. Plus, you get a free lunch!

THIS Saturday is Vail Pride Day at Pima County Fairgrounds

Vail Pride Day is a great chance to connect with the larger Vail community. Students, staff and community members from all over the district come to display their work, perform, and just have a great time together. Civano will have LOTS and LOTS of beautiful artwork displayed by our amazing art teachers, Julie Galloway and Vince Sebastian. We will also have two classroom display boards up, one for the lower school and one for the upper school. The strings students will be performing at 10:15 that morning and the Cross Country Club will be marching in the closing parade that afternoon (thank you Lauren Stibral and Amber Uidenich for coordinating). There are also lots of great food booths, jumping castles, the STEM showcase and more. Hope to see you there!
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Rodeo Days, February 22nd and 23rd: No School

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Needed: Clean food boxes/cans/jars with their nutrition labels!

The Upper School is studying food and nutrition. Please save food labels from cans, boxes, jars, etc and bring them in for the upper school use to in science . We will need the labels by Feb 26. Thank you! Joanna

Chicken Update:

As you may know, we lost all but 4 of our school hens to a predator last week. There is apparently a young bobcat in the neighborhood who has been feasting on domestic chickens all around Civano and Sierra Morado. We are assuming this wildcat killed our school chickens. John and several of the students worked very hard to beef up the security of the chicken pen, but the only way to make absolutely sure they are safe it to shut them inside the coop at night. Jana and I have been taking turns coming back to the school each night to shut the remaining 4 hens in their coop. However, this is not a viable long term solution for two reasons:

1. During vacations Jana and I may both be out of town and unable to shut up the hens safely at night and neither of us is willing to commit to coming back to campus every evening to put the hens away.

2. When the weather gets warmer, the coop will become a chicken oven and will be too hot for the birds to be shut in safely.

So Jana and I have concluded that we need to rehome the chickens, either now or as soon as the weather gets hot.

However, if there is a family who is willing to commit to stopping by the school every evening just before dusk/dark to shut the hens in the coop, then we can keep them at the school at least until it gets too warm.

If you would like to volunteer to be a evening chicken keeper, please let me (Joanna know).

Otherwise, we feel it is best to rehome the remaining 4 hens and wait until the bobcat has left the area before we get any more hens for the school. Perhaps sometime in the new school year.


CPA Corner:

Calling all BOX TOPS! It’s that time again, box tops are due to the office by February 21st.

Are you interested in being on the CPA board? Two positions are open for the 2018/2019 school year. For more information please contact our nominating committee: Heather Morzinski, Scott Madsen or Tiffany Conine.

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Great Paper Airplane Fly-Off at Pima Air and Space:

The Pima Air and space Museum is hosting the 7th Annual Great Paper Airplane Fly-Off on Saturday, April 7, 2018! This is a great way for kids ages 6-14 to have fun and get involved in aeronautics. Please check out the link below for more information:


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Our amazing volunteers!

Our school runs on volunteer power! Here are just a few of the wonderful volunteers that have been around lately, in the last month or so, making sure everything runs smoothly.

Site Council Volunteers: Deb Baumann, Michele Macias, Rachel Balsiger, Teresa Taylor

HAWK (empty lot) Committee: Jennifer Berry, Scott Feltheim, Emily Chandler, Sarah Abbott

Kitchen Volunteers: Mary Schleeter, Lauren Stibral, Joey Dockter, Jill Nelson, Linda Feltheim, Ashley Hosey, Missi Kretzschmar

Cupcake Parade: Emily Chandler, Rachel Balsiger, Jennifer Berry, Joey Dockter

Lunch Volunteer Coordinator: Scott Madsen

Lower School Library: Lisa Wright and Linda Hawk

Upper School Library: Barbara Webb

Upper School Yearbook: Teresa Taylor

Civano Parent Association Officers: Sarah Abbott, Rachel Balsiger, Lauren Stibral, Emily Chandler

Thank you for your continued dedication to Civano!

Mark your calendars:

  • February 16th - Half Day due to Vail Pride Day set-up
  • February 17th - Vail Pride Day, Pima County Fairgrounds
  • February 22nd - 23rd - Rodeo Days, No School
  • February 28th - School Lottery for NEW Families, 3:15 PM
  • March 10th -25th - Spring Break