Social Justice

Friday communication

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Working to provide students with the voice and learning environment they deserve.

This communication is a way to stay connected as Social Justice advocates. Through resource sharing, we are able to learn and build capacity around issues of Social Justice. This also allows the opportunity to highlight the great work individuals and buildings are doing related to student voice.

This week's SJ happenings across the district/community

  • Awkward Pause performed at North Farmington High School on Wednesday. NFH students engaged in a day of learning and dialogue around Social Justice.
  • Calvin Terrell was the feature presenter for the day at North Farmington.
  • Novi Meadows' Mix It Up day was held on Thursday during lunches. Mix It Up is an opportunity for students to sit at lunch tables with students they would not normally sit with and engage in guided conversation. The goal is to help break down barriers that may exist between students. School staff members join in and dialogue with students.
  • Parents of African American Students in Novi (PAASN) hosts a free Saturday Math Tutoring at Orchard Hills Elementary. Any student is welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Parents of African American Students in Novi (PAASN)

Free Saturday Math Tutoring for any student who is interested. (10:00 am- 12:00 pm)

-Orchard Hills Elementary










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LACO-Student Engagement Committee SMORE

Included are many great resources and information that connects to Student Engagement. The Learning Achievement Coalition-Oakland Student Engagement Committee meets monthly at Oakland Schools.

Social Justice