My Favorite Vacation

Disney World

My Favorite Ride

My favorite ride is '' Space Mountain ''. So you strap into this ''Rocket'' and you go into this room that is dark with fake stars that light up. The is supposed to be like in space themed. Then you go zooming down and go on these sharp turns and you hear a lot of screaming.

The Parades

Every night they have a parade and there is music, laughter, and amazing costumes. After we are all so tired we sit down and watch the parade in Magic Kingdom.

Parade pictures

Need to Ride

The Amazing '' Rock N Roller Coaster''!!!

If you want you want to scream and see your parents scared you need to ride this. So you get into this ''limo'' and you have these huge speakers right next to your ears. Then out of nowhere the speakers have this loud 80's music, and at 80 m.p.h. go zooming down and see all these light up signs are around you and go through a huge guitar!