Teacher Requirements

What it takes to be a teacher

Job Requirements

In order to be a teacher you should do the following:

-Have at least a 3.35 GPA

-Graduate from a 4-year program before submitting an application (Bachelor's degree)

-Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education

-Take the teacher competency examinations

-Student teach

-Receive a state license

Plan, direct, or coordinate the academic, clerical, or auxiliary activities of public or private elementary or secondary level schools.

Education you need:

Occupations at this level generally require work experience in an occupation requiring a bachelor's or higher degree. Most occupations in this category are managerial occupations that require experience in a related non-managerial position.

How to become a teacher

You should..

-Graduate from high school (maybe with honors)

-Apply for college and scholarships

-Go to college for a Bachelors degree


-Take the teacher competency examinations

-Student Teach

-Apply for schools you're interested in

-Interview and achieve you're new job!

Why become a teacher?

Here's Why!

-You help kids develop basic reading, writing and verbal skills.
-You teach them basic math, science or language.
-You teach them to express themselves, interact with people, make friends and thus help them develop social skills.
-When they are in school, you are their parent. You play a key role in cultivating them and making them the kind of human beings they become.
-An added advantage of being their teacher is having the opportunity to see them grow.

-Salary for highschool teachers is about 44,000 annually

-Salary for middle school teachers is about 42,000 annually

-Salary for elementary school teacher is about 40,000 annually

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