Lainey Nicole Castille

Lainey's life

Who I am

I am wild and unique.

I wonder about my future.

I hear Angels singing.

I see the unicorns flying.

I want to become a famous DJ.

I am wild and unique

I pretend I am a llama.

I feel like a dinosaur is chasing me.

I touch a unicorn's mane.

I worry about my friend that has cancer.

I cry when people make fun of me.

I am wild and unique.

I understand how hard my family works so I can go to a catholic school.

I say that i can be different.

I dream about becoming famous.

I try to do math.

I hope I will be a famous DJ.

I am wild and unique.

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My 6 Word memoir

Only look forward, don't look back.

My favorite things!

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Facts about me 4X4

I have big dreams.

I am a student.

I always rescue animals.

I listen to music.

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A song that touches my heart

I love the song "Lord I'm Ready Now". I sang a part of this song for the end of the year mass last year. It helps me remember my first year at my new school. That's why this song touches my heart.
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My favorite book- Where the Red fern grows by Wilson rawls 4X4 summary

Billy wants coon hounds.

He gets the hounds.

They win a competition.

The coon hounds die.

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