Welcome to H2!

As we enter into H2 we are pleased to welcome Dorota Martinkova as our new L&D co-ordinator to the team! Nicole Regan-White (L&D Architect) will continue to support the L&D team with a UK, Europe and Africa focus. It is an exciting time for L&D, and with a number of updated and new courses on the agenda there is something for everyone!

There are many exciting developments to watch out for in Banking, Cap Markets, and the digital space as well as the launch of the Immersion learning experience later this year.

We are dedicated to growing the service offerings of the L&D function across CAPCO in H2 and our goal is to ensure that our staff are equipped with the appropriate support mechanisms, tools and skill to maximise performance.

So what should you expect going into H2?

In addition to our classroom schedule, there are a variety of ways you can learn. Learning Hub also offers over 4,000 eLearning modules (including video's, simulations and much more), and see our section on MOOC's below.

How do I search/enrol for courses?

There are several ways to search and enrol on training by clicking on the following links in Learning Hub

Option 1

· Type the name of the course you are looking for in the keyword search function

· Filter course results by ILT (Instructor Led Training)

· Click on course and session details

· Click enrol on the date you are interested in attending

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Option 2

Click: Catalog> select folder> select course ‘show details’ > choose relevant icon
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We believe learning should be interactive and fun, thus we wanted to offer MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses), a new way you can participate in eLearning at Capco.

Completing a MOOC will give you credit on the Learning Hub that will count towards your annual training.

Please follow these simple steps:

  1. Register via any MOOC provider (i.e. Coursera, edX, and Udacity)
  2. Complete the course per given requirements
  3. Send proof of completion to your local L&D team

Visit the MOOC info page on CiT for more details.

If you will be taking any certifications related to a course, the required funds will be reimbursable under the EU Learning Guidelines.

For any questions, please get in touch with us.

CAPCO training pool

As you know 90% of our training here at CAPCO is delivered internally. This is only possible thanks to the fantastic trainers we have across the firm. We are keen to work even closer with the business to expand our training pool and give everyone an opportunity to get involved!

If you would like to join the training delivery pool please reach out to your local HC Lead and the Europe L&D team.


We are pleased to announce that we have a dedicated Europe L&D hashtag. We believe that is a great way to build a learning community and make it easier to search for anything CE learning related. #learningEU

Use the hashtag to share your learning views and proposals, feedback on training courses, express an interest to get involved, anything you have to say we want to hear it! So start hashtagging!


These are only some, of the new and exciting innovations being implemented across the L&D function, we will write to you on regular basis to keep in touch and keep you updated.

In the meantime search #learningEU on CiT to find out more and join our CiT L&D group for more updates.

Please keep an eye on the L&D calendar and communications and contact Dorka via Europe Learning should you have any questions regarding the courses.

All technical Learning Hub support questions should be directed to the technical support desk at Skillport. You can chat to people online, call or email with any questions you may have.

Nicole Regan-White- EU Learning Architect

Dorka Martinkova- EU L&D Coordinator