Amana 5th grade Newsletter

Ms. Hess and Mrs. Baxter

Class News 12-11-2015

Our fifth graders looked and sounded incredible at our Holiday Party on Tuesday! We so appreciate the donations of food that you provided. The spirit of giving continues into next week as we prepare to visit Colonial Manor to sing with the residents and provide homemade cards on Friday.

Mrs. Baxter and Ms. Hess's classes celebrated a WUNDERBAR game party together on Wednesday in recognition of the classes hard work meeting behavioral expectations. Children were invited to select from a variety of good old fashioned board games for a truly fun time! The smiles and laughter from all the kids reminds us of the value in taking the time to bond with each other through fun, not just academic, experiences.

The classroom holiday party will be on Tuesday, December 22 in the afternoon. The specific time will be sent in next week's newsletter. In addition, the fifth grade will be swimming on Tuesday, December 22. Please send a suit, towel, and additional plastic bags as we also clean out our lockers.

PS..Gum has been found on the playground, therefore, until kids earn it back through earning the letters to spell WUNDERBAR, gum will not be allowed in fifth grade.

Learning Goals:

Math: I can write decimals in many ways: standard, expanded, written, fraction. I can compare and order decimals. the continents, oceans and landforms.

Social Studies: I can inform others about the adaptations a Native tribe made to survive.

Writing: I can compile my notes about a topic and create a Google presentation.

Reading: I can pick out a theme of a realistic fiction supporting my thinking with text evidence. I can summarize what a book is mostly about.

Holiday Gift Exchange

Dear Families,

We will be celebrating the season of giving through a holiday gift exchange this year. Boys will purchase gifts for boys, while girls will purchase gifts for girls. The exchange will be anonymous and gifts should remain a surprise.

Details follow:

  • $7 - $10 limit

  • Gift should be wrapped with a tag indicating boy or girl

  • Bring gift to school by Friday, December 18

  • Gift exchange will be at the holiday party on Tuesday, December 22

  • Please let me know if your family would like assistance in purchasing a gift.


Mrs. Baxter and Ms. Hess

Important Dates:

12-18-15 Carolling at Colonial Manor

12-18-15 Report Cards will be e-mailed home

12-22-15 Holiday Party in the afternoon with gift exchange

Tentative Schedule for that day will be forthcoming.

12-22-15 Early out at 1:05 pm

Guinea Pigs (Rocky and Oreo) over the Winter Break

If you are not planning on going out of town for the holidays and would like to add a temporary family member for the break, please contact your student's teacher. If this break does not work for you, additional breaks such as spring break and summer is also available.

Oreo has secured a holiday stay at the Miller B and B. ;) Thanks to the Miller family!


Reminder to please send students with winter coats and accessories as we do go out for recess for fresh air and exercise even when it is cold. If you need assistance getting your child these items, please let us know.

Snowboots and Snowpants are not required by all, only those who would like to play in the snow during recess.