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Rameses II Dies

Rameses II, at age 90, finally dies after a long period of time. His son who has patiently waited, for 60 years, for this day to come has now been declared pharaoh. There is going to be a ceremony for him. He would want all of you to come. Remember to say Rameses II's name so he can get a little boost in the after life!

Blast From The Past

Rameses II fought in the battle of Kadesh. The determined war between the Egyptians and the Hittites for control over Syria took place in the fifth year of the reign of Rameses II. The battle of Kadesh resulted from the defection of Amurru to Egypt.
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Hypostyle Hall is built at Temple of Karnak

Hypostyle Hall is a large room with many columns. It is one of the largest halls today! It has 134 large stone columns. This design was initially instituted by Hatshepsut. The decoration in the southern wing was completed by Rameses II. The outer walls depict scenes of battle, Seti I on the north and Rameses II on the south.
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Economic Comics!


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Monday / Today

It is partly cloudy, but very sunny. It's also very hot. Nice day to go outside!

Fashion Week

What's new in Egypt? Fashion! The new colors are gold blue and red. The new jewelry has symbols on them. If you don't have these items, you are not dressed fashionably! Remember to buy these superb items in the local market. The local market is open from dawn to dusk. Don't forget!
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Commoner Outfits

These outfits can be worn by any commoner. There cheap and really comfortable. Don't forget to buy these amazing outfits in the local market! They are really fashionable!

Job Openings

There is a great job opening an experienced farmer that works well with both animals and crops. The farmer will work in John Johnson's field. You will mostly be working with the animals but you will also work by harvesting crops. You will work from as much time as the owner wants needs you to work. This job it is very close to the local market. Also, this job pays very well!

Win A Cow!

Take a piece of papyrus and write your name and where you live. Then, go to the market and put it in the green jar. In five days, they will pick a name out of the jars and if you are chosen you will win a free cow! This cow is brand new and very clean and friendly. It's name is Johanna. The owner of this cow taught her cool tricks. This is a very special cow! Don't forget to come down to the market with your papyrus and win a free cow!
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There Has Been a Break in!

There has been a break in in the Holme's house. Luckily, no one has died. There has been some things stolen, though. Sadly, we still haven't captured the guy who did this but we know how he looks. If you see a person with brown hair and blue eyes with some jewelry please report to the priests. Also, if you pass by the house please bring some flowers or gifts. That family is very devastated! Thank You!
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What's New?

Rameses III is declared pharaoh. We all have high expectations for him. He is 60 years old, but he acts like is is still in his 30's. Hew was declared pharaoh ten days ago. If you have any difficulties or complaints, come and talk to Rameses III himself!
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