Court Cases

January 5, 1929

Red Scare!

As World War 1 recently came to an end, many new governments have formed, and many have changed during the reconstruction of Europe. Russia, being a prime example, just recently experienced a revolution which saw the introduction of bolshevism. This new spread of unhealthy government practices has made its way into american society, causing mild fear and disturbance among people. We assure you, however; there is no threat to our democracy.
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Palmer Raids

A series of raids by the united states department of justice captured and detained many bolshevism radicals, under the leadership of the united stated attorney general Alexander Mitchell Palmer. The raids resulted in the arrest of around 10,000 people! of them, 3,500 people are being held in detention facilities, and 556 were deported under the immigration act passed back in 1918.

Sacco and Vanzetti; the controversy!

On a mid-afternoon, two men working for a shoe company in southern Massachusetts, are shot and killed during an armed robbery. The authorities suspected a man by the name of Mike Boda was guilty of the crime. He however; fled back to Italy before any advancements in the case were made. Although Boda escaped, his colleges Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were found and questioned. Sacco's gun was the same gun used in the murder. Then, being anarchists, they raised millions through the radical left around the world. They claimed that their arrest was politically motivated, which caused an outrage among anarchists.
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Freedom of speech?

Back when the great war raged on in Europe, a man by the name of Charles Schenck distributed fliers to draftees, urging them not to enlist in the war. He was later arrested, and convicted of endangering the country. Fast forward a couple years, and now he's back! Now claiming that his arrest violates the 1st amendment of our constitution, specifically the freedom of speech. Schenck claims that he was acting under the rights set in stone by the constitution, and that his arrest is unconstitutional. After hearing his case, however; the supreme court ruled that, under certain circumstances, the freedom of speech can create a "clear and present" danger.