Alexis Angelopous Red Sand Beach

North America, United States, 20.7522N , 155.9818W

Active or Passive?

It is closer to the inside of the plate. It is close to plate tectonic activity, and it is active

Primary or Secondary?

Its features are created by volcanic forces. It is a primary coast.

formed by melted lava

Emergent or submergent?

It has been rising and it is an emergent coast. It has changed because new things appear all the time, everything is different in some way, weather its how the texture of the sand is or the feeling.

Sand color,its orgin, and rock type

The color of the sand is red. The hill is rich in iron giving it such a deep red. Rust-red lava cinder cliffs supply the beach with its red sand.

known for anything?

Its special because of the sand color, there is nice waves