VCR Lesson 3 Presentation

Parker Pounds

Ebola is a new and ______________ disease, quickly spreading from Sierra Leone to various places around the world.

What is the word?

The word is Pandemic!


adj. Spread throughout a wide geographic area; worldwide

2. general; universal

Pandemic can be used as a noun:

n. a pandemic disease

Related Forms:

Pandemia- n. an epidemic of large proportions, usually affecting most of the inhabitants of an area

Interpandemic- adj. occurring between two pandemics of a disease


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Don't get Pandemic confused with Epidemic!

Epidemic is a sudden outbreak of a disease in a particular region, but pandemic is a widespread outbreak of a disease.

Which sentence uses the word pandemic incorrectly?

a. Hopefully there will not be another influenza pandemic, because Sally has not gotten her flu shot yet.

b. One Direction hoped their album would be pandemic, but it only sold in the UK.

c. The classmates knew the exchange student was very pandemic because he studied rigorously.

d. Ever since Ebola was discovered, it has become a pandemic menace, threatening the lives of many and killing hundreds.