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Week of January 11


"Our decisions aren't just isolated choices. Our decisions point our lives in the direction we are about to head. Show me a decision and I'll show you a direction."

This is one of my favorite quotes. So much so that it sits in a frame in my home office. After our day together on Monday, I challenge you to frame all of your instructional decisions within this quote. Each and every single decision on you make in the classroom have very large implications for our students. Quite honestly, more than you realize.

As you plan lesson for the second semester, I encourage you to stay firm to the decisions you made this past Monday. Whatever your department focus may be, keep it at the forefront of your mind. Your decision to delay your use of progress monitoring tools will continue you take you in a negative instructional path. Your decision to hold your students accountable for their learning will take you (and your students!) down a totally different path. Each day you make the decision to make Tidwell a better place for our students...or not. I challenge you to err on the side that makes us even better. I believe in what you can do!

Have a great week,

This Week at Tidwell:

Monday, Jan 11
Boys Bball vs Fossil Hill (7th home/8th away)
NISD Board Mtg

Tuesday, Jan 12
Semester Exams

Wednesday, Jan 13
Semester Exams
Techno Expo Submissions Due

Thursday, Jan 14

Semester Exams/Early Release
Lady Titan Bball vs Fossil Hill (7th home/8th away)

Friday, Jan 15
Semester Exams/Early Release
End of 1st Semester

Important Information

  • Welcome Titan Student Teachers!! A Brociek will be interning with Worley, C Carr will be learning from Neiswender and A Sewell will be working with Kahler. Thank you for your commitment to making Tidwell a place to shape future educators.
  • Enjoy your Student/Staff Holiday on Monday, January 18th!
  • Grades are due at 8:00am, Tuesday, Jan 19th. {{ It might behoove you to have those submitted prior to leaving on Friday. }}
  • During our Early Releases on Thursday and Friday, our staff hours will remain the same.
  • You should have completed approximately 2 or 3 SBBBs thus far. If not, please talk with your PDAS appraiser asap. Each staff member is to complete 5 SBBBs for the school year.
  • As we move into spring, please remember the NISD Personal Day requirements. If you know you are going to be out, please request time off in advance. If you know you have a doctor's appointment, please submit your time in Aesop in advance as well. This helps us ensure a substitute is in your classroom.
  • Be sure to submit your Titans Read books! {{Live link!!}}
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