Golden Sandy Beaches

Buying Property in Sal - Make A Wise Investment

Cape Verde is a beautiful place with white sand beaches and sunshine throughout the year. It is a politically and socially forward region. Crime level of Verde is low as compared to other countries around the world. Besides this, you could blindly trust their health services. The government is working to improve tourism in Verde. Now, the foreign corporate investors do not have to pay any tax before entering the country.

Good and advanced communication is important

Check out the availability of proper communication before you buy property in Sal. Telephonic communication in Verde is developing gradually. Besides this, the internet and mobile services have been improved. However, you have to spend a little more to access the internet. As internet connection is available in Santiago, Sal, Boa Vista, San Vicente etc, it is better to invest in these regions.

Other things you must check before investing

You must be aware of the property market of the country. Prices of the property vary depending on two factors namely development and area where the property is constructed. You could make a list of all the popular locations on the islands. Currently, Boa Vista, Sal and Santiago are most visited and developed regions.

These regions are likely to have facilities like private pools, gyms, tennis courts, spa, water sports and what not. Sal consists of some of the amazing beaches of Cape Verde. The Santa Maria resort of Sal is equipped with restaurants, beaches, bars and other luxuries. So, go ahead, and buy property in Sal with all the luxury you ever dreamt of.