Friday News Roundup

Mrs. Morey's Second Grade Classroom

Week of 5/13/16

Dates & Reminders

  • 5/16 Star Student - Anton
  • 5/16 Friday Folders go home
  • 5/17 - 5/20 CTP Testing - 9:00 a.m. Tuesday & Thursday/10:00 a.m. Wednesday & Friday
  • 5/17 Free Dress Day - Eagle Buck Winner for the month of April
  • 5/20 Spirit Day - Twinning
  • 5/27 Spirit Day - Red, White & Blue
  • 5/30 Memorial Day - no school
  • 5/31 Star Student - Hajar
  • 6/3 Farmer's Market 12:00 - 2:00
  • 6/6 Star Student - Aanand
  • 6/10 Spirit Day - Team Sports

What did we learn this week?

Math: Students worked on iReady testing and reasoning.

Social Studies: Students created a job advertisement for the radio station and applied for various jobs at the station.

Science: Students learned more about mealworms and the life cycle.

Literacy: Students finished their poetry books and began a unit on Fairytales, Fables, and Folktales.

Writing: Students began writing about what they would like to do over the summer.

What's Ahead?

Math: Students will have math rotations and number talks.

Social Studies: Students will focus on the jobs at the radio station.

Science: Students will focus on the life cycle of a brassica seed.

Literacy: Students will read and analyze various fairytales.

Writing: Students will publish what they would like to do over the summer.