St. Viator Parish School

Viator Voice: May 21, 2019

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As we approach these final and very busy days of the school year, I would like to take this opportunity to wish each of you a blessed, peaceful, relaxing summer. Thanks to our teachers, our students have continued to grow in knowledge and grace.

To our 8th grade graduates as they continue their educational journey in high school, we wish you much success and many blessings. You are always welcome to return to us and share your successes.

Mrs. Tracy Brunelle, Principal

What's Happening!

Monday: May 20, 2019

  • Prayer & Flag, NJHS & Student Government Induction Ceremony

    Tuesday: May 21, 2019
    • 8th grade iPad collection tomorrow.

    Wednesday: May 22, 2019
    • 6th and 7th Grade iPad collection
    • 8th Grade Graduation Brunch for graduate and parents in the Parish Center, 10 am
    • Noon Dismissal
    • 8th Grade Graduation Mass, 1 pm in the church

    Thursday: May 23, 2019

    • Prekindergarten Graduation, 9 am in the church
    • Kindergarten Graduation, 11 am in the church
    • Noon Dismissal
    • Last day for Extended Care

    Friday: May 24, 2019

    • Prayer Service & Awards Ceremony, 9 am in the church
    • 10:30 am dismissal on the last day of school

    Primary Campus Happenings

    Tuesday Schedule

    Prekindergarten: 8:15 Main campus drop off at the church for practice and pick up at 9:30.

    Kindergarten: 8:10 drop off at the main campus cafeteria and pick up at 10:30 at the church. Small snack for kindergarteners only.

    It was a wonderful Field Day for our Kindergarteners!

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    Congratulations to our 2019-2020 Cheerleaders!

    Junior Varsity

    Czarina D.

    Mia D.

    Janelle F.

    Bianca G.

    Heart O.

    Kala T.


    Darbee B.

    Elena C.

    Julianna C.

    Dayana D.

    Grace E.

    Alexandra F.

    Bibiana G.

    Grace L.

    Felicia M.

    Lucia M.

    Daniela M.

    Lindsey S.

    Celeste T.

    Ellis V.

    Campus Changes in 2019-20

    We are genuinely excited about the Primary Campus moving to the Main Campus this Fall, particularly after the police activity in the apartment complex across the street and the three car injury accident at dismissal last week. Events such as this solidify our desire and need to have them close to us.

    Prekindergarten will be moving into the Library and our campus will wrap around and secure them as the center of our world. Kindergarten will move into the 1B classroom.

    We found moving PK to the portable to be cost prohibitive due to the plumbing needs. Without plumbing, the portable cost reduced almost $100k. A new portable is in final plans with carpet, paint, electrical ports, etc. Mrs. Wells is beyond thrilled to design the new library the way she believes it should be!

    Packing and moving has already begun.

    Speaking of which...we could use your help! If you are available to assist in the moving of furniture, books, and equipment, please email me: We have a "rad dad" group; but all are welcome in creating anew.

    This week, we say goodbye and thank you for your service to St. Viator Parish School!

    I mentioned this morning that 8th Grade's trip to Washington D.C. was a glimpse of how our campus will look and feel when they graduate this week. We will miss them dearly!

    We knew moving the Primary Campus over to the Main Campus would affect several employees. Each year we have babies, retirements, out of state moves, promotions and we are pleased to announce:

    Mrs. Deb Perez will be joining St. Viator Cristo Rey in June in the Work Study program. Her beloved aide, Mrs. Cathy Cabael will be staying as a Prekindergarten aide.

    Ms. Kira Brin, PK aide, will be leaving for Reno this summer to continue her education at UNR.

    Mrs. Kris Tucky announced that she will be leaving St. Viator. Her children have moved back East and her dream would be to be closer to them.

    Mrs. Donna Gafner will be moving to Junior High Math. She holds her Masters in Education with an endorsement in Junior High Math.

    Mrs. Kayra Wood will be moving to Junior High Science. She holds her Masters in Education in Secondary Education. Her beloved aide, Mrs. Shereen Sayegh, will be moving to 3rd grade aide.

    Mrs. Lianne Conti, will be graduating with her son, Vince. Her position has been posted.

    Mrs. Anna Maria Cochrane full-filled a full-time need this year. She will continue at St. Viator as a part-time substitute aide.

    Mrs. Rhianna Cardinali will be delivering her two blessings in two weeks. She will stay home to care for them; but will remain on our substitute aide list as well. Her position has been posted.

    Ms. Natalia Formisano will be continuing her education while holding only one full-time position. For the past two years, she has worked here full time as well as at her partner's restaurant, Settebello. This delightful restaurant is located across from the District in front of Whole Foods if you want to visit.

    Father Rinn always says, "No one likes change, but a wet baby". We would agree. While change is difficult, there is hope. We hope to see all who leave us again soon:

    Once a Stallion, always a Stallion!

    Thank you to all our Volunteers!

    2108-19 Volunteers of the Month


    Main Campus: Dawn Dielman and Mikky Wilder

    Primary Campus: Melissa Lousignont


    Main Campus: Laura Alcaraz and Jenaya Lisowski

    Primary Campus: Wilva Ann Calipusan


    Main Campus: Lulu Ailello and Mary Ellis Davies

    Primary Campus: Meryluh Benito


    Main Campus: Pat Ellis and Maddie Gugino

    Primary Campus: Darrian Silva


    Main Campus: Rosy Hartz and Craig Ratajczyk

    Primary Campus: Shannon Humble


    Main Campus: Jodi Samson and Dawn Cutrona

    Primary Campus: April Caday


    Main Campus: Paul Hartz and Christa Wirges

    Primary Campus: Mai Luzon


    Main Campus: Kathy and Terry Jobin

    Primary Campus: Michelle Portugal


    Main Campus: Angela Medina and Kitty Parantala

    Primary Campus: Kari Philbeck


    Main Campus: Marie Holmes and Suzanne Hafen

    Primary Campus: Victoria Ledon-Knapik

    Yearbooks have arrived!

    Yearbooks were delivered to classrooms today. If you did not order a yearbook and would still like one, we may have a few extra copies for sale until Friday, May 24th at a cost of $55.

    Automatic Payment Cards

    Automatic Payment Cards for the 2019-20 school year will be sent home tomorrow for those families who would like to take advantage of this means for monthly tuition.

    Please return to the office with a voided check. You can also choose to pay automatically by credit card each month at a 3% service charge. Credit card forms are available in the school office.

    iPad Return

    Please make sure that students save anything they need from the device. They will be asked to disable "Find my IPad" and will need to know your AppleID password.

    They will need to bring the charger brick to school.

    Return dates:
    8th Grade: Tuesday, May 21st
    6th & 7th Grade: Wednesday, May 22nd

    Gentle Reminder

    All fees and school financial obligations must be completed by Wednesday, May 22nd in order for your child to receive their final report card and to be registered for the 2019-2020 school year. If you have any questions regarding your account, please contact Renee Alex, 732-4477x105, email

    Summer! Summer! Summer!

    A Note from Mrs. Palacio...

    Your child’s medication(s) from the nurse’s office will need to be picked up before the end of the school year. Those students with emergency medications such as Epipens, asthma supplies, or other medications may choose to wait until the last day of school to pick them up. All unclaimed medications will be disposed of after Friday, May 24, 2019. The 2019-2020 medical and medication forms will be coming home in your child's yellow folder today, if applicable. Please contact Mrs. Palacio with any questions: 702-732-4477 x134 or

    Attention Current 6th Grade Parents/Guardians!

    Students entering 7th grade next school year (2019-2020) will need the Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis (Tdap) Booster and Neisseria meningitides (meningitis) in the form of a quadrivalent meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV4).

    Students not in compliance with the immunization requirements will be excluded from attending school.

    For more information please read the New Vaccination Requirement for Nevada Schools Information and GET THE FACTS about diseases that can affect Preteens and Teens

    If you have any questions or concerns please contact Mrs. Palacio at or 702-732-4477 x134.

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    Vacation Bible School

    VBS is presented by the office of Youth Ministry and is open for registration. All children ages PK through grade 6 (fall grades) are welcome. Registration forms are on our website. Dates are from August 5th through August 9th. Contact Rosy Hartz at 702-733-0392 for registration information. Middle school and high school leaders are also needed.

    Summer Solutions

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