Cheif Justice John Marshall

Supreme Court Cases

Marbury V.S Madison


-"Midnight Judge" Marbury (Federalist) was not given his appointment by Madison

-established the principle of Judicial Review

supreme court can declare laws constitutional or unconstitutional

McCulloch V.S Maryland


-Dealt with the 2nd BUS

-Maryland taxed the BUS, hoping to destroy it


-supreme court sides against Maryland

-BUS is constitutional

Dartmouth College V.S Woodward


-Issue over NH trying to change charter of the college


-Marshall says the charter was a contract

-" the constitution protected contracts against state encroachments

Flecher V.S Peck


-court decided that a grant to a private land company could be considered a contract under the contract clause of the constitution

-Georgia legislature granted approximately 35 million acres of state land to different private speculators at 1.5 cents per acre

-later they found that every legislature except one who voted was bribed

Martin V.S Hunters Lesse


-first case to assert ultimate supreme court authority over state courts in civil matters of federal law.

-Virginia legislator voided the land grant given to Denny Martin by his uncle and transferred the land back to Virginia

Virginia granted a portion of this land to David Hunter

-The Court rejected the claim that Virginia and the national government were equal sovereigns

Cohens V.S Virginia


-The Cohen brothers proceeded to sell D.C. lottery tickets in the state of Virginia, violating state law

-State authorities tried and convicted the Cohen's

-declared themselves to be the final arbiters of disputes between the states and the national government

-the Court held that the Supreme Court had jurisdiction to review state criminal proceedings