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Alumni Spotlight - Former Student, Thor

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Within a week of my graduation, I registered for the fall semester of a local college and started the process of becoming a part-time intern at Fresno City Hall. Over the summer, I worked on improving my fitness, developed my ideal commute, and tried to relax before the rest of my life continued.

At the beginning of this week, my weekly commute amounts to a 60-mile commute, and I do it all by bicycle. I attend college classes at Clovis Community College twice a week and work in the Public Works Department with a small, tight-knit team three times a week. The weekends are mainly devoted to homework.

I'm a very skilled cyclist, and I've been riding expertly amongst fast traffic all across town for a very long time, so the choice to do my entire commute by bike was my first choice.

My college experience so far has been very pleasant. My classes have been predictable, and my classmates have been agreeable. My internship has been very rewarding, and the type of work and work environment is something that I intend to enjoy until retirement.

I plan to explore City Hall from the inside, and find the best career for me as soon as possible, then use my savings from my current internship to pay for a degree at Fresno City College to pursue a career at City Hall. At some point, I may choose to leave the city and find a position in the private sector where I could utilize my skills and experience, but City Hall seems like a very good long-term choice.

I have many fond memories of my entire high school journey, and even if it was very unusual, often unnecessarily difficult, and almost always lonely, I would do it all over again.

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