Flying Cars?

revolution in the making...

No dimension of freedom

Have you ever wanted to be just like the Jetsons? Flying cars sure are a fantasy, But the TF-X hybrid revolutionizes the world with the first official flying car. This personalizes aviation on way new level. Instead of waiting for plane and with all those people have the TF-X will be the safest choice you will make. The TF-X doesn't go high as an airplane, But makes it comfortable enough to see where you're going.

An era of success...

Cost range of $279,000 to $315,000, making a new change to the world! Not a lot of people own this product but taking one leap in history would make a difference to mankind.

More info

  • Discounts: The TF-X has a buy one get one 80% off deal. You buy one for 3,000 you get the second one for only 1,600$ what a deal!
  • Locations: We sell sells only in the following places: Pasadena.Cal, Dallas.TX, and Rochester.MN

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