Forest Heights 2014

Week of Jan. 6, 2014


Middle of Year Benchmark Testing begins now 1/6/14:

Teachers please plan to bring your MOY testing student calendar to PLC this week.

Wednesday PLCs please speak as a group and decide what afternoon other than Wed that you can meet for your PLC since Mrs. Setzer will be off campus attending the AMC meeting.

Remember that we want to save the intensive students to the end of the schedule.

Front load the schedule for incidentals.

Make sure that we do DIBELS 1st and TRC 2nd

Tutoring starts up again this week.

Mrs. Setzer will publish NEW schedules for all this week.

Cleaning and Custodial Staff


Mrs. Wallace has revised our custodial staff list of duties. We are also asking that you as the classroom and building leaders help us by doing your part.

1. Make sure that your classroom or area is neat and free of clutter.

2. Let your custodian know when your schedule will change if it interferes with their cleaning schedule.

3. Make sure that students maintain a large role of responsibility in the maintenance and cleanliness of your room.

4. Teachers and students are responsible for the areas around their desk daily.

5. Remember the chairs up make for better access to the floor for sweeping, mopping and vacuuming.

6. Trash can helpers are awesome to have.

  • That would be a student to put all trashcans in a central location for the custodian to pick up each day and to put them back out in the areas they belong following trash pickup. It speeds up the process and keeps trash from being overlooked each day. Number the cans so the students will easily be able to locate and maneuver into position without a hassle.

7. Custodian Report Card – Use the link below in this newsletter to get to the report card

  • This is a link to the CRC for you to use each time you need to report information about your classroom cleaning. This QUICK FORM houses both positive and negative information that you'd like to share at anytime.

Finally, we are sad to see Walter Wilson leave, but as we move forward we may ask Steve and Jeff to pick up his responsibility until he is replaced so please be mindful.

Custodian Report Card

This is a link to the CRC for you to use each time you need to report information about your classroom cleaning. This house both positive and negative information.

Dates to Remember:

· 1/6 – Benchmark MOY testing begins today

· 1/8 – Rice @ Principal’s meeting, Setzer @ AMC meeting, Stewart @ AM Data Manager Meeting

· 1/17 - 2nd Nine Weeks Ends

· 1/20 - MLK Jr. Holiday

· 1/20 – 1/21 – Teacher Workdays

· 1/23- 1/24 – Rice at Distinguished Leadership in Practice Conference

· 1/28 - AMC Team Training

· 1/28 – Cardinal of the Month Luncheon

· 1/27 – Scheduled benchmark MOY testing ends today

· 1/29 – All makeup MOY mCLASS MOY testing finished now!

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