It's a Business Bustle!

Get in on the FUN...

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January is flying by. With the new year comes the perfect opportunity for all of us to refocus, recommit and move our businesses forward through some key business building activities.

As a company we are reaching for big goals in Q1, especially with the recent TPG investment. We would love to exceed our sales goals but also, more importantly, share our social mission with as many people as possible this year. To help get everyone excited, motivated, and in activity over the next five weeks, we will be doing a “Business Bustle.”

What is a “Business Bustle?”

It is a set time for you to make calls, message people, text friends, and send emails to book socials, one-on-one appointments, or schedule face kits drop offs! There is a certain sense of community and security when you are not all on your own making calls, but instead, are participating with others doing the same thing and sharing in your successes and challenges!


1. Email me that you are in! We will have two kick off calls! Call into whichever call fits better with your schedule.

Friday, January 23rd 10:30 am EST and

Friday, January 23rd 3:30 pm EST.

Call Number: 605-562-3140

Access Code: 898902

2. Starting tomorrow Friday 1/23 thru Monday at 6 pm (1/26) you will be calling, texting, emailing, dropping by businesses, and messaging people to try to book socials, one-on–ones, and face kit drop-offs for January and February.

3. When you book four points of activity (between now and end of February), you earn your choice of a Countertime Sample Set pack or an Essentials Sample Set.

Points of activity are as follows:

1. In person social at a house or business

2. Face kit drop off and scheduled follow-up call to talk about the products

3. In person 1:1 appointment

4. We are looking for as many people to participate as possible, so even if you do not end up booking four points of activity, please submit your results to me as I will be drawing an additional winner who has worked hard over the next few days to try to move their business forward.

5. Results are due back on Monday evening anytime between 6:00 pm and midnight! Existing socials and one-on-ones do not count … we are looking for new activity to GROW your business further!

6. Consultants that go above and beyond 4 points of activity will be receiving a special gift from me. :)

We are looking forward to an incredible start to 2015! Let’s get started!


Make a PLAN!

Set aside some time tonight or tomorrow morning to make a preliminary list of who you can connect with. Use your contact list, scour your FB friends list, phone contacts and your holiday card list!

Send a “warm up” email on Friday..

letting this person know how excited you are to be working with Beautycounter. Look at the bottom of this email for an example!

Follow up with a phone call.

Try to pick a time that you know works with them. Are they a stay at home mom that might be free over “nap time” or would after dinner be better for a woman who is in the office all day?

Block off your “bustle times.”

Set aside an hour or two on Friday or Saturday to send out all your warm up emails, texts, and messages. Then set aside time on Saturday or Sunday to make your calls and follow up. The fortune is in the follow up! Use Sunday and Monday to chat with your friends in person, continue reaching out to new networks and ask for referrals. Continue to send emails, make calls and set up activities.

You will hear the word no...

and that’s okay! Every no gets you closer to a yes!


Warm up email (different closing based on your goal for the prospect)

Hi Jane,

Hope all is well with you and the fam!

I have been thinking about you and meaning to reach out for a while now, and am making the time today because I think the company I am representing will really resonate with you on many levels. The Company is called Beautycounter, and they make beautiful, effective and chic personal care products for the entire family

Here is my site and a quick video so you can get an idea of what we are all about:


Our Social Mission is to put safe products into the hands of everyone - What many are not even aware of is the fact that our beauty industry is essentially unregulated, and most companies fill our products with chemicals that have been proven to be extremely toxic in many ways. Our skin is our largest organ and 60% of what is put on it goes directly into our blood stream. I know that you are health conscious and are always thinking about ways to do better for your family.

There are several ways to get involved with Beautycounter's mission. I would love to tell you more about them.

INSERT HERE: what you are hoping to accomplish with this prospect (see below)

Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks so very much and I will connect back in a few days.



(choose which one applies)

Face Kit: I would love to drop off a "face kit" of products for you to try for a few days. I typically customize it to your skin needs, I could drop one off in the next couple days.

Socials: I would love to do a casual “social” with you. What about inviting 4-5 friends over for coffee or wine to learn about how they can make their families safer and to see our products. Always a fun excuse to get girlfriends together.

1:1: I would love to meet you for coffee to let you try the products in person. GIVE DATE OPTIONS It would be so much fun to see you and catch up.

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