Welcome To Sumer!

flyer by: Abby Duewer

Social Structure

Sumer has a great social structure with the Nobles leading the scale. Nobles are the people that know how to read and write our writing in which we call cuneiform. Second on the scale are commoners, which are free people that help keep the city running smoothly. Last on the scale are our slaves, who are instructed to preform hard labor acts to keep our city looking at it's best.


Friday, Sep. 4th, 9pm

This is an online event.

Artisians were a very highly looked upon, as they created beautiful jewelry, pottery, different types of metals, and many other things that people wouldn't have modern day if it were not for them.


Religion was very important to the Sumerians. They, like many other ancient-history countries, were polytheistic. Which means there are MILLIONS of Gods just for you! Sumer believes that the Gods control everything, so keeping them happy is the utmost important! Please come help Sumer keep their Gods happy!