Prince Henry

By Flannery K

Royal Baby

Prince Henry was very well educated under his parents supervision, he was born March 4th 1394. When he was 21 years old he persuaded his Dad and older brother to attempt to take over Ceute. His motivation to do this was to defeat the muslims and spread christainty. When he traveled to almost the tip of Africa which is now called the Cape of Good Hope this inspired him to open his school which opened in 1411. This school of navigation was very successful. Many of the students traveled mostly to Africa and Asia. One of the most famous expeditions from his school is when they found the Savanna Desert.

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Exploring accomplishments

in 1420, Henry's explorers discovered Madeira Islands which is now know warm, subtropical climate. , and later the Azores in 1427 which is also an island in Portugal and know for its beautiful landscape. The exploration Henry saw before dying was in 1460 was the discovery of the Cape Verde islands. which is now an African and Portuguese culture country and has many cliffs and earn their dependence from Portuguese in 1957/1964.

A navigator's Place to be

His school supported almost all of the Portugal break though in exploring, Henry's explores were afraid to sail over to the West Coast of Africa “because of sea monsters and boiling water near the equator.” They were probably scared of these things because they were the first one’s to sail into the ‘Sea of Darkness’ which is now Cape Bojador Prince Henry sent 14 expeditions to the ‘Sea of Darkness’ and he even made some explores go farther south! This expedition.
Prince Henry the navigator