Ground squirrel

by Julia Breeden

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The thirteen lined ground squirrel lives in the prairie. It makes a nest under ground and curls up in a ball to sleep through it hibernation.


The thirteen lined ground squirrel eats insects and small birds. It nibbles on easily obtained meat. They don't kill there own food they find dead food and they are omnivores.


It looks like a baby squirrel it has thirteen long strips down its back. And so many whit dots on the strips you wont beadle to count. And it is a kind of tan fur but under its chin is whit fur.


It has body covering to protect it from the cold winter when it goes out to find food in the middle of winter. And to keep it warm like a blanket when it is sleeping.

Interesting facts

They have fat check pouches to store the food when it goes out for winter. And it shoves the food in its cheecks.