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Dance, Art and Music in Russia

Russia has been doing Ballet for three hundred years.

In Russia they do Modern Art and Folk Art.

Boris Kustodiev is a famous Russian artist.

They use paint for many of their art pieces.

Some famous art pieces are,"Boy With A Whip" and "The Merchant's Wife At Tea".

Celebrations in Russia

Some celebrations in Russia are:

  • Maslenitsa
  • Cosmonutics Day
  • Radio Day
  • Victory Day
  • Russia Day
  • Ivan Kapala Day

And lots of other holidays .

At the Russian Celebration,"Meslenitsa" they like to eat buttery golden pancakes.

They celebrate with fireworks.

They play the three legged race and horse racing and lots of other games.

Famous Person in Russia

Catherine The Great ruled Russia as empress.

She was alive from 1729 all the way to 1796.

She built schools and Hospitals.

Catherine was from Germany and was a princess but moved to Russia when she was Sixteen.

Catherine The Great never had representations built of her.

Religion in Russia

Judaism,Christianity and Islam and other religions are found in Russia.

They practice religion in Churches,Temples and lots of other places.

In Russia they do have religion.

In Russia they have some religious holidays like Christmas.

In Russia they have some religious symbols like a cross

Food in Russia

They eat cake and pancakes for desert.

Fish or fish eggs are popular foods.

A Russian soup called Borscht that is made with beets.

Some foods are the same but some aren't like pancakes because they make them with sweet filling.

Most of their food is cooked hot.

Language in Russia

In Russia they say (zdrah-stuvy-tyeh) for hello and (da scene-da-yah) for bye.

There is only one official language in Russia which is Russian.

Some people can speak multiple languages like Russian and English.

In Russia most people speak Russian but some people might speak other languages like Yakut. The Russian alphabet is called Cyrillic which has 33 letters and is based on the Greek alphabet.

Climate/Geography in Russia

Russia has short summers and long winters.

They have mountains and deserts.

Russia does not have any nation symbols.

In Russia it is usually around 60 degrees

Russia is about three hours behind us in time.

Other interesting information

Siberian tigers were slightly endangered .

They go to school at ages 6 or 7.

Some schools are taught in Russian.

Russia has cultural fashion and designer fashion and lots of other types.

Russia had civil war and invasions with other countries.

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