What Happend on August 11th

By: Jordan Mundhenk


There were many events that happened on August 11th; there were natural disasters, famous birthdays, famous deaths, and many more. Without August 11th history would be very different, and who knows where we would be now.


First, let me tell you about natural disasters that occurred on August 11th. One of the many natural disasters that occurred on August 11th was a massive tornado in Salt Lake city in 1999. Then, in 2012 there was a huge earthquake in Iran killing many. Plus many more natural disasters happened on this day in history. Those were just a few.

events with people

Also, there were a lot events including people. One event was, Hussein was named king of Jordan in 1952 and died on February 2, 1999 ending his ruling. Another event was Chris Hemsworth he was born in 1983 and is known for his roles in the following movies, Thor, The Avengers, Snow White And The Huntsman, Rush, etc. There were many other events occurring with people on this day too.


Now, there were many other events that don’t really fit into a category. Including the first major league baseball game televised in color in the year of 1951, and also in 2015, the city of New Orleans had their re-invention after hurricane Katrina, plus many more events.

the end

In the end, August 11th was an important day in history. There were many events, natural disasters, birthdays, deaths, and a lot more. August 11th is a day to remember.


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