Civil Engineer

Civil Engineers make the planning for roads,buildings,etc...

What Do They Do?

The main idea of some Civil Engineers is to estimate quantities and cost of materials, equipment, or labor to determine project feasibility. Subjects you totally need to know about if you want to be a Civil Engineer are: Reading, History (also known as Social Studies), Writing and Science. Words that have to do with Civil Engineers are: grade, water, project, safety, carbon, pollutants, internet, money, math, roads, railroads, airports, bridges, damms
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That's the company my father works at!


Civil Engineers plan, like a lot. They can make the routes the road will go through. They can also order the materials for the roads like my dad. The builders won't just work with anything! They need specific materials. You see, people like my dad need to find offers and calculate how much this would cost compared to this and this and blah blah blah.


Civil Engineers also plan structures like airports, skyscrapers, etc... But not HOUSES!!! They plan for more like communitary places.
  • How much do Civil Engineers earn a year? It depends, the lowest could be around $60,000 and the highest around $140,000
  • Is it easy? It depends of what you expect of easy, really there is no job that is 100% easy except being Bill Gates
  • Where would you work? Well it depends the company, you can be one like my father's and move all around the world or you can be a different one and stay here forever!
  • How many " branches " are there in the Civil Engineer cluster? 8: water sources, construction, environmental, geothechniqual, material, structional, transportations and Urban Planning.
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