Sparling School Newsletter

Sept. 17, 2021


Thank you to our school community for helping support a smooth start to our school year! We recognize that it takes the whole village to help ensure our staggered arrival, dismissal, and other procedures run smoothly! With the recent annoucements for the Government Alberta there are a couple things to note at this time.

  • The Alberta Government mask mandate now applies in schools. This means for our Grade 4 & 5 students and all staff masks are mandatory. Masks are able to be removed in the classroom when working in their own student areas. Our Pre-K - 3 students masks are strongly recommended but not mandatory. Masks continue to be required on the bus for ALL students
  • Students will be in cohorts, which is something Sparling was already implementing with staggered arrival, dismissal, and recess areas.
  • The Daily Health Checklist is located in this newsletter and includes all the information we follow when a student shows symptoms at school both primary and secondary. Please be sure to review it at this time.

We would like to remind our families to please refrain from using or walking through our staff parking lot for pick up and drop off. Arrival and dismissal is a very busy time and we need to help support our students with using the crosswalk and sidewalks. We appreciate your cooperation as we help keep our Sparling Stars safe!

Our Sparling Staff is excited for the learning opportunities ahead this school year. This year we are working hard towards goals in literacy, numeracy and the social emotional well being of our students. In this newsletter you will see some highlights and information for each of these areas. Please feel free to reach out or join us at an upcoming school council meeting if you would like to know more! Most importantly Sparling continues to ensure our mission and vision are coming to life each day.


Sparling Stars - "Dream, Believe, Achieve"


Sparling Stars will grow and learn in an inclusive environment that is supported by: community involvement, relationships, early intervention, and collaboration to empower every child.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us here at the front office. We are here to support all our families. Thank you for all your help during this busy start up to school.


Mrs. Gutmann


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Sparling Stars Can Read!

Our goal this year is to ensure all students show growth in their literacy skills! Including reading, writing, and communication! Each newsletter you will see tips, ideas, and small activities you can try at home.

Consider making sure you take a few minutes each day to read to your child, talk about their day, or even play a board game! All of these help contribute to building their literacy skills.


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Sparling Stars are Numeracy Ninjas

Numeracy is an important skill for all students and our team here at Sparling has some excellent numeracy leaders who are exploring new resources, ensuring math manipulatives are accessible, and numeracy is encouraged each day! We will also include ideas for numeracy in our regular newsletters to help support you at home!

A great idea for fall is to simply practice counting wherever you can or play "I Spy" as you look for numbers in the world around you!

Social Emotional Well Being

Supporting our Sparling Stars!

We continue to have access to a wonderful range of resources for our students to help support their social emotional growth. This includes:

  • FSLW - Family School Liason Worker who by referral can meet with students individually to support mental health, coping with transitions or a difficult time, and much more
  • MHCB - Mental Health Capactiy Building Team provides various classroom and small group progams to promote mindfullness, social skills, and much more.
  • Calming Corner
  • Nutrition Progams
  • Sensory Room

Please feel free to reach out to us at the office if you have any questions or feel your child would benefit from any of our resources.

School Council Meeting

Tuesday, Sep. 28th, 7pm

5216 52 Avenue

Camrose, AB

Please join us for our first school council meeting. Both in person and joining virtually are options. We will be discussing our New Playground goals, information about start up to the school year, and if you like a quick school tour!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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Microwaves are not available in the classrooms at this time and we are encouraging families to continue to send lunches which do not require the use of a microwaves as much as possible. This helps ensure students have adequate time to eat and are not waiting in line to warm their lunches.

However in the case your child does need a microwave from time to time, we will be able to accommodate warming it up in our kitchen. Thank you for your understanding.

Check out these websites for more ideas!

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Staggered Arrival and Dismissal Information

For the 2021/22 school year we will be continuing to implement a Staggered Arrival/Dismissal. Along with helping to support physical distancing, we found that this process was beneficial to our studentsas they were able to get settled quickly into their classrooms and learning. We kindly ask that you ensure your child(ren) is dropped off/picked up during their timeframe. Students arriving on the bus will proceed to their designated door upon arrival.

Please remember

  • Students will need to enter and exit the school at their designated door.

  • Our supervision outside begins at 8:10am. Please ensure students arrive after this time to ensure their safety. Students are to line up with their class upon arrival and a staff member will welcome them into the building. There will be a labelled pylon placed outside to line up at and in case of inclement weather students will be allowed to enter the building and proceed to their classroom

  • Upon arrival students will need to use hand sanitizer or wash their hands when they enter the building

  • Students in K - 5 will need to ensure they are wearing a mask before entering.

  • Students will be dismissed during their specified timeframe out their designated exit

  • Parents are welcome to pick up their students near their exit doors.

  • Our playground is closed at the start of the school and will not be available for student use at this time. At the end of the day, teacher supervision finishes outside at 3:15pm. Please make sure to supervise your child(ren) on the playground after school.

Arrival: 8:20am - 8:30am

Dismissal: 3:00pm -3:05pm

Grade 1 (Ms. Schultz)

Grade 1/2 (Ms. Olson/Mr. McFeely)

Grade 2 (Mr. Murphy)

Grade 5 (Mr. Skinner)

Arrival: 8:30 - 8:40am

Dismissal: 3:05pm -3:10pm

Nature Kindergarten /Kindergarten (Mrs. Syrnyk)

Grade 3 (Mr. Lowe)

Grade 3 (Mrs. Muscarella)

Grade 4 (Ms. Olsen)

It is important that we work together as a Sparling Community to ensure safe arrival and dismissal from the school. We ask that parents do not send their child(ren) early to school and review these procedures prior to the start of the school year. Please refrain from using the Staff Parking lot for pick up or drop off. We have numerous staff members that arrive at staggered times and we want to ensure the safety of everyone.

Remember we are here to support you and if you or your family need to discuss an alternate arrival/dismissal plan, please contact us at the office and we would be happy to support. You will find attached a school map with labelled entrances and our staggered entry schedule.

Daily Health Checklist

Families must complete the Daily Self-Assessment for Children Under 18 (pages 2 and 3 of the link) each morning, for everyone who is going to school. Anyone who is feeling unwell must stay home and is asked to follow the guidance provided in the self-assessment tool to determine their next steps. The self-assessment does not need to be brought to school each day. Students who come to school when they are unwell will be isolated. Parents will be contacted to return the child home as quickly as possible. A student with a pre-existing medical condition that may result in coughing (such as asthma or allergies) should ensure the school is aware of the condition.

School Arrival/Dismissal Map

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School Visitors

Visitors will be welcomed into schools on an appointment-only basis and masks are required. The intention is to reduce the number of community members that students are exposed to at school. If an in-person meeting is required we ask that an appointment is booked with our front office. We will be booking appointments, as much as possible, at the end of the school day to help support having minimal visitors during the day for safety purposes.

Appointments can be made by calling 780-672-0106. If you need to drop off an item or registration form, we ask that you ring the white doorbell located at the front door or call ahead.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Breakfast Program & Nutrition Support

We are pleased to share that our Grab/Go Breakfast program will be continuing, with all health and safety protocols in place. With this in mind we will be offering to start the year only pre-packaged items such as granola bars, yogurt, apple sauces, fruit cups, and cheese sticks.