Miami Magic

NFL Football Franchise

New NFL Team Addition

The Miami Magic NFL Team has begun, led by our future president, Donald Trump! We've gathered all of the best sports players in the universe including Tom Brady and A.J. Green! We bought the rights to the Sunlife Stadium from Miami Dolphins and took their position in the AFC East. Donald Trump and the Miami Magic are looking to take many championships the the south shores of Miami, Florida! We will continue the Miami traditions of serving our famous Arepas at our newly renovated stadium.

Tickets are being sold online now at and are selling out quick so go fast! Also, in honor of our first season in the NFL, we are offering free parking and cheap season tickets! Our suites are open on our website and able to be rented out by you or your businesses along with permission to go on the field before and after games. We hope to see you at our opening game against the New England Patriots, but remember, the tickets are going fast so remember to get yours before they're gone!