Vitals of the biome

There are many types of grassland, one if the most famous one is the African savanna. Many animals live in the savanna such as cheetahs, hyenas and zebras. There also many abiotic factors such as the hot temperature, the raining, and dry season.


The rainy season begins in May and ends in November where they get 15 to 25 inches of rain a month. In the dry season they get about 4 inches of rain a month and is around 7 months a year. The average temperature is 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

Plant Life

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Elephant Grass

Elephant grass is a tall grass that came to Africa in the year 1913. It also grew in clumps up to 10 feet tall. It normally grows on the rich soil of lake beds and rivers

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BaoBab Tree

Baobab tree can grows up to 25 meters tall and can live for several thousand years.It is also bare 9 months of the year. It is said that the devil pluked the Baobab and put it's roots in the air.


Intersting facts

The African savanna takes about half of the continent which is about 5 million square miles

Ecological Concerns

Global Importance

The African savanna is globally important because it is home to many endangered species on the planet.