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Dr Sue is your remote area vet that can help you help your pets. We all know that technology has come a long way and although we can not physically touch and feel your pet there is now the ability to see your pet through the internet. Of course, this is never as good as being in the same room but it can give a lot of good clues as to what is going on with their body.

With a little guidance from Dr Sue, you can determine how sick your pet really is and do you need to transport it to town? Assessment of sudden and long term skin conditions with follow up can be made so that a better treatment protocol can be found. Problems with eyes, ears, teeth and behaviour can be diagnosed. Arthritis and lameness can be assessed in real time so that better treatment and recommendations can be made.

Dr Sue can also teach you how to examine your pet by looking at gum colour, taking temperatures, measuring heart rates and feeling pulses so that together you determine how to help your pet.

Just like any city vet, you will need to ring and make an appointment. Then, through Skype Dr Sue will contact you and have a chat about the issues you have with your pet. You will then be walked through how to give as much information as needed to help your pet. Once your pet has been seen Dr Sue can prescribe medications or try to come up with alternatives that you may have access to immediately.

Dr Sue has a Masters Degree in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery and lived remote for 10 years. She has owned her own remote vet clinic since 2009 so understands the challenges it poses. But with LIVE.Vet you needn’t feel alone anymore and your pets will thank you for it.

Some of the problems LIVE.Vet can help with include

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