TerraNichol Academy of the Arts

May 2nd-6th, 2016

Learning Labs the TerraNichol Way

Sketching to Reggae Music-Jammin Mon' Reggae Style! Learning labs were filled with steel drums and the sounds of Reggae. We learned that we all really love Reggae and it makes us think of a vacation, the ocean, the beach, and just plain relaxation! We showed students what a steel drum looks like and discussed the difference in sound between bongos and steel drums.

Exploring Sea Life- Under the Sea a whole world waits for me! Students are learning about our wonderful ocean, the habitat, and all the animals and plants that call it home. Our students have so far shown the most interest in learning how to protect our ocean and its animals and of course exploring Sharks! We have examined shark teeth, created shark and seashell sketches, completed large shark floor puzzle, and we are learning about sea turtles!

Becoming Inspired by the Artist Wyland- Wyland is known for his grand seascape murals that are found all around our great state. After researching some of his masterpieces students have begun creating their own. A variety of mediums are being used from sea life stamps, to pastels. Some students have also been inspired to create small Wyland story boards about the artist's work.

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Garden Time- Tomato Picking!

A Night At the Art Museum


The box office is ready! Tickets for A Night At the Art Museum are officially on sale! The playhouse holds 90 guests so don't delay and purchase your tickets today! We are expecting a sell out crowd! To purchase tickets visit the link below:


All are welcome to come see the amazingly talented young group of artists from the TerraNichol Academy Theater in their unique and expressive interpretation of A Night At the Art Museum. We know many students who are not in this year's show are interested in attending. We hope to see everyone at the show!

Tickets: $30

Children: 0-13yrs old $15

Teaching is the greatest act of optimism!

Here at TerraNichol Academy of The Arts Preschool we feel very passionately about our profession. Education is so powerful and it can change the world. It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in the creative expression and knowledge. We teach from our hearts, open minds, and help facilitate the love of learning. Thank you to all our students and families for spoiling us this week and reminding us we are very appreciated and respected as professional teachers. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves to stop, breathe, relax and take a moment for ourselves to refresh. This week was nice because we did just that with fresh coffee, homemade treats, lunch deliveries,gift cards, and lovely gifts. It gives us a chance to reflect that we are making a difference in our students and our community. Again, thank you for touching our hearts! We are so lucky to have a job that feels like play each day.

Thank you to our fabulous TerraNichol Academy Of The Arts Teacher Appreciation chair committee member Krisha. You are so dear to our hearts.

We have the best parents and families!!!

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Thank you to Nicola's and Remmers Family for our favorite pizza in all of Englewood.

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Everyday is Earth Day At TerraNichol Academy of the Arts!

Look who is in the news again. TerraNichol Academy of the Arts!

We were thrilled to be in the local newspaper spreading the word about our environmental efforts on campus and in the community. Our little environmentalists! Thank you Alison Solares for taking the pictures.

The TerraNichol Academy Of The Arts School has a very strong commitment to the environment and education for sustainability. The aim of education for sustainability is to promote a sense of responsibility, respect, empowerment, active participation, enquiry and social change to make a positive difference. Not just now but also for future generations.

Wishing all our beautiful mommies a very happy mother's day!

The students are so excited to give their gifts to all our fabulous TerraNichol Academy mommies. We hope you enjoy the tumbler. They had a blast designing them.
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Special Gift From TerraNichol Academy and TerraSoul Eco Essentials.

Wishing all our TerraNichol Academy Mommies a beautiful Mother’s Day!

A gift from TerraNichol Academy/TerraSoul Eco Essentials.

Hope you enjoy your Mommy Calming Aromatherapy Diffusers.

Hang in your car, bathroom, or place on your yoga mat for a few minutes of meditation or relaxation time.


Made with Love by Founder Terra Tominelli-TerraSoul Eco Essentials.

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TerraNichol Academy of the Arts

TerraNichol Academy of The Arts School is the kind of school parents expect, educators celebrate and children adore. Our approach to learning celebrates the great potential of young children, with the goal of nurturing self-motivated, life-long learners. The learning labs are guided by our Master Teachers as well as the Founder of TerraNichol Academy of The Arts Preschool with low teacher-to-child ratio to allow for one-on-one engagement and thoughtful observation. Join our small community school for a backstage tour and be inspired by our thoughtful team of Early Childhood Educators here at TerraNichol Academy.
Come and Explore our Reggio Emilia program at TerraNichol Academy acclaimed for the stunning environments, their educators who create, provoke and dazzle the students senses, invite curiosity and discovery, and most importantly, foster strong, respectful meaningful relationships.
Come learn about the values for children in the program:
Being a home away from home
connecting children to their families
helping children to be powerful and active
being a steward of the natural world
seeing oneself as a capable learner
recognizing and being curious about
We provide a school environment that is beautiful and taken care of with an attitude of care so that parents, children, and teachers want to come to school everyday.
It is with intelligent heart and courage that we continue our goals and vision to continue to proceed the work of a child.
RSVP today! Next Scheduled tour date: Monday June 6th at 4:30pm
Submit a letter of intent and school application by visiting our website if you will be attending the Tour. www.terranichol.com