Parent Night Flyer

Agenda and Resources

Partner Up!

Tonight, you will partner up with your child and pretend to be a student, too!

You and your child will read together, study question stems together, test each other's reading fluency.

I will give further instructions when our activity is about to begin.

Thank you for coming, and for supporting your child in this way!

Homework Discussion

I will take your questions, and I will share resources you can use to help your child increase his/her reading fluency, and his/her ability to answer questions completely.

Check out the Resource guides below!

Resources to Help you at Home

Helping Your Child with Reading Fluency

Things you can do to help your child with Reading Fluency:

  • Read to your child at home
  • Allow your child to choose books he/she would like to read
  • Make it a game! Time your child when he/she is reading homework passages, and record his/her stopping point. Then, record how many words per minute your child was able to read. The next night, time your child again as he/she reads the same passage, and record the results. How many words per minute can your child improve over the course of the week?

Helping Your Child Respond to Question Stems

Questions you can ask your child:

  • Did your answer include details from the beginning, middle, and end of the story/passage?
  • Did you answer the entire question?
  • Are there any parts of the question you forgot to answer?
  • Let's check your work together.
  • Did you use details from the text, or did you just write what you remembered?
  • What details could you add to make your answer even better?

You are your child's greatest supporter!

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Another Great Resource to Help you Understand DIBELS testing

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