By: Abigail salinas Period: 2


Amish people were originally a part of the Mennonites. The Mennonites believed in using modern technology, and being open to society. A bishop names Jakob Ammann thought they weren’t strict enough. This caused a disagreement in the church and eventually led to them splitting away and becoming the Amish.

The Amish religion formed in Switzerland around 1525. They immigrated to Pennsylvania in the 18th century.


The Amish worship on Sundays, and have church services in their own homes. They all usually live in small communities. They take turns hosting the church service in each others' houses. The holy book they use is the German Martin Luther bible in their ceremonies. Some Amish use the New International version.


There are 281,700 adults and children in North America, and there are 180,000 members in the United States.



*The Amish speak three different languages. They speak English at school, Pennsylvania Dutch at home, and High German when worshipping.

*After Amish men marry, they grow beards. They don't grow mustaches because they associate them with the military and they are non - violent people.


Amish don’t use modern technology because they believe you should do everything you can to make life simple. They don’t want individualism between people because it makes people jealous and greedy. They wear plain, simple clothes that match and they can’t take personal pictures. Because of their beliefs, they separate themselves from society to avoid TV, radios, etc... They believe if they do good things, and "pay the price," God will let them into heaven.